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We do not have kids or young adults, when our kids dream of taking this place, but now, why are they kids? I guess so easily because we want to go to this place and do not believe everything. Are we crazy?

We think we need a few years of “backpacking practice” (maybe more) – fewer mileage trips and easy destinations – before we try and do some hard work before we hit trill, the parent pack is going to be the state’s empire’s kingdom. I’m distorting my own material: Hanging with girls and hats and I think, are we crazy?

My fewest complaints about a half mile down the road, tired legs She is a shuffle slow. And finally put yourself on the trail. Of course, I’m deciding, we’re insane.

The truth? Regarding the trail cyclone and hours of packing and rescheduling, I’m not sorry about best kids backpack. I’m simply sorry that we do not try it soon I pulled out some “tril bets,” known as Skittles and we continue to follow the path.

We all figured out the truth is ridiculous from far away. Each trip is a test of action. But if I can give a piece of advice, it will be:

Limit your barrier of entry.

In other words, even before you leave, do not hesitate to refuse to stop you. Do you stop doing backpacking and dreaming from camping with kids, actually doing it?

The actual details of this can be different for everyone, but there are often common reasons.

Our first trip is to pack our subway for our first night and our daughter is wearing a tutu. Whatever makes it easy and makes everyone happy, right?

1. The hassle factor

After a busy week or after the kids entertained, they are leaving school for the summer now, the last thing you want to pack for hours. Combining requirements from long forgotten angles in your home can be a daunting task.

How to overcome it: We organize our outdoor gear (on our best days). For someone who has camping, someone for lake days, someone for ski gear, and others for backpacking mean that during backpacking we can pull our 2-3 points and catch cooking utensils, sleeping bags, pads, inflatable pillows and other items and quickly We can toss our pack.

The keys to this comfort are clearly clear and rearranged when you come back.

My husband and I love our past backpack because when you embrace for three kids, ultralightweight problems

2. Juggling the logistics 

Hiking on trails with all the unknown, unknown distances to find a hidden trailhead and a good campusite can undermine any parent’s overwhelm.

How to overcome this: Make it easy Start with a short, and relatively familiar destination, in close proximity to the house. Take Take all guess work out when you start backpacking with your kids.

Yes, we’ve found ourselves in toys and stuff animals to help bring toys.

3. The cost of gear

Disgust This one is real, is not it? Let’s say all of your gear (well, maximum) you and your husband need backpacking, but legally your kids need gears now. And I do not hesitate to tell you this, but the cost can be huge, especially if you have three children, as we were.

How to overcome this: Search for options that work. We borrowed the gear, we revived the old foam pads from the friends, we revitalized the adult day in the children’s pack, we took full advantage of the “footwear” revolution that came with artificial shirts and pants and Castro children divisions. Outside our kids, we are much cheaper than local outdoor shops.

I do not regret taking our Jugglingtoddler backpack.I’m simply sorry that we do not try it soon

4. Fear of failure 

Well, I think failure was not an option if it would not be an adventure. The most worried about us is to destroy our kids. Hate them out. You fail to get enough food or fail to do this at your destination. Maybe there are tears in your kids’ face streaming tears. Or the awesome word, “I hate this!”

Well … we did all of them. Our kids just love backpacking. Love camping

How to overcome it: At some time, our children need to show that failure is not a bad word, it’s just the opportunity to fit.

We’ve hiked around 2 miles. I like the sunshine, sunny and high mountain lakes of our destination, already coming to the sun.Tiny purplish wildlife my daughter’s cruel hands are involved with each other and decorate the curls tangled under her hat. Her eyes are full of wonder and imagination. His pockets are filled with small stones that way.

As the Lake View comes as he shout with Glee. “We are there!” He jumped from the water edge and collected all the stones carefully. I look beautiful around the lake.I look at the questions of Hirer of the day that we are crazy to pack these gear for such a short distance, so we can bring our kids backpack review.

Maybe we are crazy but we are satisfied. For now. And we are one step closer to our goal. One day you can see us on the hoot route.

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