Sell your Old Vehicle is Just 10 Steps Away

old vehicle sell

If you have decided to sell an unwanted old car but worried about the long and hefty procedure then let us make it easy for you. There are certain to do list if you maintain them before going toward a deal that will bring ease of cracking the deal.

1) Arrange Paper Work

First of all the important thing you have to manage for selling car for cashis the paper of your vehicle which will give you the legal right to sell it in the market.

2) Clearance of account with lender

If you own a car that is on the mortgage and certain payments are outstanding then visit your lender to decide about the remaining price for clearance of account. Because you cannot go for selling it until and unless you have all legal rights over the car.

old vehicle

3) Visit your state departments

Different localities have a slightly different process to transfer of ownership. Visit the website of state department there may be a certain form which should be download and filled properly to execute the transaction.

4) Arrange Vehicle History Report

Be pre-emptive and arrange a vehicle history report to show the potential buyers. This arrangement will let you put in a position to give answers of buyers such as number of ownership and the history of accident.

5) Setting an Enquiring price

You have to estimate the price before offering your car. This can be done only if you have a little knowledge about cars trade in the market. But no problem technology has also made this easy. You can visit an online website to check what people are asking to pay for the vehicle like yours. Set your price higher to some extent of the market value this will give a margin for negotiation. For example, if people are quoting vehicles like yours for $3500 you can ask for $4000. But don’t be unrealistic at a stage of setting price as a huge expectation never attract the buyer. Higher the price longer it will take to attract the buyer and blaze of the detailing will garb off after few days.

6) Curb appeal

When a potential buyer reaches you and he liked the car this will be a great opportunity for you to grab. This is called curb appeal. You don’t have to fix each and every dent on the car or every single scratch but you should car wash and remove all the dust.

7) Solid ads help to sell

Excellent photos and complete description of your car will build confidence in the mind of buyers. So select a nice and pleasant spot and take some good photos of the vehicle. Describe the condition of car in a detailed manner. Take photos form the front back, side doors, front seat back seat and engine too. Professional sellers never forget to include the shoot of odometer which show the current millage of the car.

There are many different places to post your add and every place has a marginally diverse audience. Some of them are free like craigslist and some charges a little amount for your add like Autorader and EBay motors. Usually the ads provide popup windows to produce basic information like car maker, model no and mileageetc. Don’t produce this information again and again in message body. Instead of this provide the extra features which your car has like add-ons and option.

8) Screen callers

Before advertising your car create a separate email ID for this purpose and acquire a free of cost Google voice phone number to execute this process. This will allow you to screen the buyers so they don’t disturb you after the sale of your car. When your car is good and your offer is legit then be ready for number of calls as you can activate voice message option and in free time listen those messages. Only then you will be able to judge who is serious buyer.

9) Set up a test drive

When buyers approach you and show interest then you can offer him a test drive to know the car condition.

10) Finalizing the deal

After the test drive, the buyers will negotiate on the price and you would be in a position to know that either the buyer seriously wants to buy it or not. Once you have done all this now get the cash and it time to buy your next dream car.

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