How to Keep Your Swimming Pool in Tip-Top Shape

Swimming Pool

The idea of investing in a swimming pool in your home’s backyard is glamorous. The great summer weather will put your pool in a lot of use, between hosting your friends and family over and spending more hours relaxing in the pool. However, you know that pool maintenance is essential, especially when used frequently. While different pools have varying maintenance needs, they all need routine care. The following are a few of the tips you may use to maintain your pool in tip-top shape.

Make Skimming and Scrubbing Part of Life

Skimming the debris and leaves off your pool water’s surface might seem obvious, but few people do it. It’s an important part of pool maintenance and should be done daily. You could also consider investing in a pool vacuum to help with the skimming, especially at the pool’s bottom.

You can also use a leaf or hand skimmer to eliminate leaves, bugs, and other floating rubbish. Besides keeping the visibility of your pool clear, regular skimming increases the efficiency of the circulation system. It also reduces the chlorine amounts required. Moreover, cleaner the strainer baskets weekly for enhanced circulation and remember to vacuum the pool weekly.

Winterize to Prevent Damage

As vital as regular pool care is essential during summer, it’s even crucial to winterize your pool to secure it. It prevents the disappointment of removing your pool cover to find a leak or the water full of dangerous bacteria. You will save hundreds of dollars by taking the right pool winterization steps. For instance, purchase a water testing kit to check on the chemical balance. Also, remove excess water from your plumbing lines and cover your swimming pool with a high-quality cover to prevent debris accumulation.

Schedule Annual Service Appointments

It’s paramount to trust an expert to inspect your pool’s mechanical equipment, such as heating systems, filters, and pumps. Since you may lack the knowledge, ensure that you call an expert at least annually to check on the devices and ensure that they function optimally. If you notice anything unusual with your pool’s mechanical systems, like loud sounds or piping leaks, it’s important to call an expert. Besides, detecting an issue saves you money, time and keeps your swimming pool functional.

Keep the Deck and Filter Clean

The area surrounding your pool is as vital as the pool’s physical structure. Power washing the pool deck is integral in maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool. Regular pool cleaning eliminates chemicals and debris surrounding the area. A pool’s filter is an important element of the entire pool system.

It determines the quality of pool water. Therefore, ensure that you clean the filters regularly, depending on how often you use your pool and the environmental factors. It would be a great idea to hire professionals for pool cleaning in Windermere, FL once in a while to help check on the recommended PSI.

Absorb Oils in the Pool

You can keep your pool in a good state by eliminating oils with a tennis ball. Usually, certain oils like natural oils, hair products, and suntan lotion are left in the water after swimming. These oils are unhealthy, affect the quality of pool water, and might damage your pool in the long run. Fortunately, you can increase your pool’s lifespan by throwing a tennis ball into the water. The ball’s fibers absorb the oils and prevent them from leaving a train of slick sheen on the water surface.

Keep an Eye on the Water Level

The physical water level is as crucial as the chemical composition. The water levels of your pool naturally fluctuate after an afternoon of doing cannonballs or a heavy rainstorm. It’s integral to maintain a water level that doesn’t go below the opening of the skimmer. Ensure that you fill up the water with a garden hose if the levels are too low.

Maintain Consistent Chemical Levels

Maintaining the right chemical levels is among the most crucial aspects of pool maintenance. Murky water and eyes and skin irritation from bacteria accumulation are signs of improper chemical balance. Using an automated salt pool chlorine generator saves you the trouble of buying and adding chlorine. A testing kit can effectively test chemical levels in pool water.

The pleasures of having a pool cannot be overrated. However, for it to serve you well, it needs regular maintenance and care. These tips are easy and simple but can go a long way in maintaining pools in a tip-top shape.

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