Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling for vacations

Keep These Things While Travelling

People love to travel and visit new places. Travelling is the visit or movement of a body from one place to another. My dad was in the Army so I have been travelling with him since childhood and the best part of travelling is the time we spend in transit.

In this article, I would share my experience of travelling any favourite time pass during travelling. If we travel by bus or by road we can enjoy the beautiful scenic view outside our window, we can actually see the flora and fauna changing from place to place. During the night when the window is dark, we can enjoy binge-watching the best web series and Tv Shows.

As we travel from north to south we can feel the change in the soil type from red to black, From mountains to plains. The window keeps changing during the day time but at night when the window goes black there are several other tasks that we can do.

Travelling Alone

My experience during alone travel was not that bad as we know India is a country with inconsistent Internet connectivity so I use to download various web series and movies on my phone and laptops and watch them. Binge-watching the web series doesn’t let us know how the time passes away.

Foodies during Trip

People fond of eating use their time best during travelling. India is a country with a diverse food variety. Every place has got a special variety of food from the Paranthas in the north to the Idli-Dosa in the south. Foodies enjoy their travel by spending their time tasting the varieties of the country.

Travelling with family

If we are travelling with our family then we can make the best use of the travelling time by spending time with family. We play Various games and we Indians are very good at family games. We have got various chit games.

Travelling with Partner

If you are travelling with your partner. You have got the best time to know your partner and if it is the full moon night, watching the moon through the dark window will make your travel experience best.

Silent Travelers

Most of the people love to travel silently, sitting at the windows seat and listening to romantic songs. The experience is soothing in itself and imagines its rain outside. The scenario created makes you think, you have time for yourself and make important decisions taking your time.

Trip Planning Apps

Diversity of India provides various beautiful sites to visit and to travel. From the Gulmarg in Kashmir to the beautiful Indira point in the South we have got variety in travel sites. We have got various agencies that plan the full trip with the family from the travel tickets to the hotel bookings.

List of various such Trip Planning Apps are

Triplt– Triplt is an app which helps in synchronising the travel timings from the flight booking time to the hotel booking. The app helps in time management during the travel period.

Road trippers – If we are travelling by road then this app is very helpful, the app helps with the map and the roadside hotels for the meal and various scenically beautiful points by the roadside.

Trip Advisor– Trip Advisor is an app which gets reviews from the same minded travels and makes the trip plan for you. From booking the cheap tickets to the luxurious hotels and providing local food with the sample picture all can be done on the single app.

Make My Trip – Make my trip is a vacation planning app which helps in booking flights, cabs and hotels at comparable rates. The App plans the whole trip for you at reasonable rates.


Travelling has become easier due to the advancement of transportation facilities. Earlier people used to travel by road or take sea route and it used to take many days to reach the destination.  However, now the scenario is different, people travel to far off places within hours and minutes because of well-built roads and air routes.

People travel for different purposes, some travel for education purposes while others travel to relax and refresh themselves. Many people take a break from their agitated schedule and go for a vacation, this makes them feel good and also helps them to energize themself.

People love to visit different places to refresh their mind. Beautiful places can cheer anyone and fill them with enthusiasm. People travel in Aeroplane, trains or by road the best way to pass the time during travelling is binge-watching the web series or movies. The web series is the best way to spend the time in which you are doing nothing.

Travelling is a hobby and many of us travel for fun with our family, partners or alone. In this article, I told you how we can pass our time during the transit period while travelling. There are a number of places to visit in the world and a person can travel all of them in their lifetime. Travelling requires time and money both so I came up with a few apps that will help you plan your trip for the vacation or for some commercial purpose at reasonable rates.

Travelling is a beautiful hobby and it is different for different people.

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