Why Is JavaScript A Go-To For Companies

developers using JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular and commonly used programming language in the world. Many developers and companies are well aware of its uses and how it provides the functionality to work cross platforms. There is more to it as JavaScript offers many exciting features and tools to work with which makes it easy to use and popular among companies as their best arsenal weaponry when it comes to development. But have you ever thought about what makes it so popular among developers and companies? If not, rest assured because we are here to explain to you why JavaScript is a go-to for many companies.

Before we begin let’s have basic knowledge of Javascript, 

What is JavaScript-

To make this explanation simple, JavaScript is a client-side scripting language mainly used in the web development domain as it was meant to make the web pages alive. Though Java and JavaScript sound similar, they don’t have any relations whatsoever because it was named JavaScript to make it look like Java’s successor for the popularity purpose. It runs on every other browser as long as it consists of the JavaScript engine to execute its scripts.

What Are JavaScript Used For-

As we discussed, JavaScript is a client-side scripting language which is prominent in the web development domain. It is used to create interactive web designs and pages for this reason it is used by more than 95% of the web development companies worldwide.

Other than creating intuitive web pages and designs it is used to develop browser-based online video games, Complex software solutions, and progressive web apps.

What Are The Features of JavaScript-

Ease of Use-

JavaScript is easy to use as it simplifies coding and allows you to write codes more efficiently. It supports all functions and variables, enhances its capability while declaration and lets you run the code without compiling. Hence, it saves a lot of hassle for a developer bringing ease to use and easy to learn.

Lightweight and Flexible-

JavaScript is lightweight as it only consists of limited code libraries, because it’s a scripting language it only functions to handle data on the browser as it is primarily built for the development of web applications. Hence, the execution of web pages by the use of JavaScript is flawless.

Platform Independent-

Similar to java, JavaScript is a platform-independent programming language as it lets you use your code to implement it on the different platforms using only that single file. For this reason, javascript can be run on Linux, Windows and macOS which simplifies the work function as developers work on different types of devices.

Client-Side Auto Calculations-

JavaScript is a client-side execution language as it only runs in the browser, it doesn’t depend on the server to perform simple calculations. JavaScipt performs these simple calculations in the browser itself so users can rest assured as they won’t be needing to connect to servers which require a lot of time to perform simple calculations.

Client-Side Validations-

Whenever a user fills forms and forgets to input some valuable information then javascript analyzes the empty area of no input and pops an error on the page “fill this area”/ “this area is required” so users can input the data and pass this information to servers where the data is stored.

Why JavaScript is A Go-To For Companies-

Powerful Capabilities-

javaScript is a dynamic programming language which generates HTML codes efficiently and allows it to be used for other projects. HTML structures the whole web page while CSS defines the styles of the content on the web pages. JavaScript can fetch this data from HTML and CSS automatically and performs operations such as dynamic style generation and many more.

Blazing Fast-

javaScript is a client-side scripting language which processes the information of a webpage from server-side rendering and offers blazing fast animation rendering providing users with a smooth execution experience. For this reason, companies and even developers have taken a liking to JavaScript.

Wide Range of Frameworks to Opt For-

javascript ease-out web development by offering prewritten code structure and libraries, so companies can opt for any frameworks as per their project requirements. These frameworks offer many exciting features to create web apps within a short period without sacrificing their performance and effectiveness.


When you are about to think of product development JavaScript and its frameworks may help you out as they can offer you cost-effective product development especially if you are a startup owner and have tight budget plans. All the frameworks of javascript are open-source hence you can opt for any framework and use it to build your web application in no time. As companies use this cost-effective approach they can lower the price of their product attracting a huge chunk of clients to invest and buy them.


We all know the internet is full of malicious activities and you should be ready whenever there is a cyber attack to protect your devices from harming the important data you have. JavaScript offers many security protocols to your browser and it keeps getting updated with new security patches often so it’s an added advantage for companies as they can implement these security protocols on any application or software to provide the clients with secured web applications and users a malicious free browsing.


No doubt JavaScript is the most prominent and popular programming language as it offers a variety of different features and frameworks that a company can use to enhance their business objective bringing more efficient product development. With a huge community to support and a huge no. of developers using JavaScript as their prime weapon for developing different applications, its future looks promising, and it will continue on evolving further as the community brings new features to enhance web applications to make them more user friendly and intuitive.