How To Install A Magnetic Door Lock Access Control System

magnetic door lock system

Magnetic door locks, commonly called “mag locks” and “electromagnetic locks,” are a cornerstone of corporate and organization access control systems. Doors are locked and unlocked using magnets. A security system uses magnetic locks for access control to allow only authorized people through restricted obstacles.

This is the location to install magnetic lock access control for your business. Learn how magnetic door access control works, its benefits, and how to deploy it at your business.

Understanding Magnetic Door Access Control Systems

Modern security systems like Magnetic Door Access Control Systems control building and restricted area access. These security systems use electromagnetic fields and magnetic devices to authorize door access. There are numerous varieties present in this which are magnetic lock for wooden doors, for glass doors and for metal doors.

Magnetic Door Access Control Systems have a magnetic lock, access control panel, proximity card reader, and electronic controller. The door’s magnetic lock is activated or deactivated by the controller for security. Proximity card readers read key cards, key fobs, and other credential devices to allow access.

Since electronic credentials replace keys, these systems improve security and reduce the possibility of unwanted entry. Magnetic Door Access Control Systems register entry and exit actions for security monitoring and management.

Magnetic Door Lock Systems for home simplify, streamline, and enhance access control in contemporary security setups, catering to residential properties and ensuring seamless security solutions.

Benefits of Magnetic Door Lock System

No Moving Parts: Magnetic locks are pick proof. They lack bolts, latches, and other moving pieces. It lasts longer and requires less maintenance due to less wear and tear.

Quick Answer: No more key-hunting! Using cards, fobs, smartphones, or biological IDs, authorized personnel can simply enter the premises. It can lock and unlock instantly, giving quick access when needed while keeping it secured otherwise.

Fail-Safe Design: Magnetic locks release at power outages to prevent people from being trapped. In emergencies, this fail-safe is crucial.

Audit Trail: Entry and exit logs are kept by magnetic door lock access control systems. Security, administration, and regulation require audit trails.

Supercharged Security: First and foremost, magnetic door access control systems provide better security than lock and key systems.

How A Magnetic Door Lock Control System Works?

The electromagnetic plate’s power supply is interrupted when an authorized credential (card, key fob, or biometric input) is scanned or recognized at an authorized access point, temporarily deactivating the magnetic field and unlocking the door.

When powered, the electromagnetic plate creates a strong magnetic field that attracts the armature plate, locking the door.

Two plates can be attracted with great force. The average magnetic lock can withstand 1200 pounds of force, making it nearly hard to force an access control door open.

Unlocking Mechanism: Manually or automatically cut the electromagnetic plate’s electric current to unlock the door.

Without electricity, the magnetic field collapses, freeing the armature plate and opening the door.

How To Install A Magnetic Door Lock Control System?

Select The Right Installer

Talk to commercial-grade access control installers before investing in your system. And for that, Smart Safety Power of Realtime Biometric comes at the top for magnetic door lock installation. They are the leading service provider in the market for the same. They have advanced door lock systems which are designed to enhance security measures for both residential and commercial spaces.

Select The Right Lock

Not all magnetic locks are alike. Your door’s size and type will determine which lock suits best. So depending upon it is very important to choose correct locks while installing.

Lock Positioning

The lock should be inside the door and aligned with the frame. Effective magnetism requires this.


Connecting the magnetic lock to its power source and other access control system components requires structured cabling. Working with competent installers who can organize and connect wires is important since the electromagnetic force depends on the power supply.

Test the System

To ensure proper operation, your installer should test the system several times before finishing. To test system unlocking, authorized credentials are presented at access control entry points.

The Most Effective Methods And Insights

Maintenance: Like other security systems, regular checks are essential. Thus, the system stays in top form.

Regular Authorization Updates: Update who has access to the premises and what sections they can access with their credential. If an employee leaves or changes jobs, their access privileges should be changed.

Backup Power: In case of power disruptions, backup power is important. This keeps the lock working during outages.

Integration: Combine your magnetic door lock with different security systems. Avigilon video surveillance systems may be linked with numerous access control systems to boost situational awareness.


In summary, the implementation of a Magnetic Door Lock Access Control System represents a paradigm shift in the realm of security and access regulation. Whether implemented in residential or commercial environments, this system’s seamless integration guarantees a strong barrier against illicit entry. In the case of a glass door lock system in particular, the rigorous installation procedure ensures not only increased security but also an elegant and sophisticated outcome. By adhering to the instructions provided in the installation manual, individuals can harness the capabilities of advanced access control, thereby fortifying security and regulation across a variety of settings. Optimally designed for glass doors, a meticulously implemented Magnetic Door Lock Access Control System will elevate security standards.