Indoor Grow Tent Set Up Guide For Indoor Gardening

grow tent setup


If you want to build a reliable indoor gardening environment in your own space, then complete grow tent set up is mandatory to know. In fact, this is one of the most crucial factors to learn about. 

Grow tent is a fantastic way to control the nature and the environment for your own indoor growing space. So, organizing all equipment’s in the right way is absolutely perfect for having an ideal growing environment. 

In that case, this article is going to work for you in a broad way. Eventually, it aims at getting you back to the right track to the immediate grow tent set up. 

Why you need to use a grow tent:

A grow tent permits you to grow all kinds of vegetables, weeds, and crops under any condition. Furthermore, you can have the fullest control over recreating the environment for perfect growing. Following list might be crucial for you to make you learn its actual necessity.

•    Different growing environment is possible to create for a grower in similar grow room while using a grow tent.

•    Harmful insects or pesticides can cause any harm for special security in each grow tent features. 

•    Air ventilation, duct, cleaning equipment’s, reflective Mylar lining all you can have in a package. 

Step by step guideline for grow tent set up:

Here I would like to have a full guideline for you to follow. If you are a beginner then it will be magical for you. Experienced will also have updated knowledge about that. Let’s have a look at this topic.

1. Choose you’re desired to grow tent:

Before knowing about complete grow tent set up, select your desired grow tent based on your requirement. Size is one of the most crucial factors. Largely, it depends on your growing space. 

The too large tent is not going to benefit you broad parameter of the wastage of money on having too many unusual equipment’s. 

On the other hand, too much small tent will eventually cover up the place with crowded plants. Eventually, it could be a threat to the potential growth of plants. 

2. Gather tools and assemble them:

The tools you need for set up are screwdrivers, wire cutters, scissors, etc. packed on a box package. On the hand, a humidifier is also needed to have control over humidity and moisture. 

Unlock the parts and accessories given in the indoor grow tent package.  Put the cover of it properly over the framework with the instructions of the manufacturer. 

Do it after choosing the location on which area you want to grow. Put the grow tent cloth over the frame. Place the poles into the frame connector well. 

3. Lighting set up:

For accelerating photosynthesis process of plants, lighting is one of the crucial factors. In that case, the grow room should be lightproof for sure.

Hang the grow light in the right area of the grow tent considering the plant’s requirement. In that case, read the given instruction by its manufacture.  

Then secure the hardware and connect it to the lighting hood properly. On top of that, for the wiring properly and avoid the electrical shortcomings safely. 

Mostly, vegetable plants require 18 hours of light. Also, it needs almost 6 hours of darkness. LED lamps are a suitable choice for the maximum production of lighting. To make the lighting set up of it, connect the holder to the fixture of it. 

4. Ventilation system:

To keep cool environment on the grow room surroundings, fresh air circulation is necessary. The carbon filter is the exhaust way of passing the out-going air. 

Put the Exhaust fan and carbon filter at the very close touch of the tent. Use a nylon rope to hang this equipment at proper height. It helps in increasing the footprint of your growing area. 

Air extractor keeps eliminating the hot air from the room. That’s how the temperature will be stable soon even if it rises. Apparently, it keeps removing the bad odors. 

Moreover, fresh air is important for successful photosynthesis. 

5. Ventilation set up:

Once you decide on choosing the right place for the ventilation, now it is high time to install it. Take the required hanging equipment to hang the filter. Now it turns to the exhaust fans to be hung.

Then take the right measurement of the distance between the fan and flange. Then you must operate the power cord. In that case, use the essential equipment like wire cutters and box cutters. 

6. Temperature gauge set up:

View the temperature inside the grow tent with the manufacturer’s specific equipment. It ensures in monitoring the ultimate condition of the grow room environment. 

Make sure the equipment is installed on the right height from its position. 

7. Dialing in and safety scan:

Most of the grow tent set up is fixed by now. Never ignore the crucial step of dialing in. After all what it actually means? In fact, keeping a flexible balance of the overall environmental factors is essential for an engaging growing environment

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