3 Key Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Boat

performance of boat

According to Forbes, there are many simple and affordable strategies to enhance the performance of your boat to make it better. Most boating enthusiasts prefer optimizing the power of their boats to enjoy the thrill of going fast on the water.

Below are three ways to improve the performance of your boat.

1. Decreasing the Weight

Decreasing the overall weight of your boat is like discovering free horsepower. The majority of boat enthusiasts often get astonished at how much weight they can leave behind before venturing into the water. The following are some of the parts or items you can work on to reduce the weight of your boat:

  • You can begin at the bow and work your way backward, emptying each storage chamber, and later return only the necessary items.
  • You can also position weighty products you won’t prefer to keep on board, including a spare propeller, in a rear storage chamber. This will help eliminate unnecessary weight on your boat’s bow.
  • You should remove your spare cooler, additional towels, additional fishing rods, and used bottles of sunscreen from your boat. Individually, these items’ weight may appear insignificant but put together, the weight adds up to something, and removing them can make a difference. In some cases, boat owners can eliminate up to 250 pounds of unnecessary items they don’t require onboard. Consequently, this helps improve the performance of your boat.

Ultimately, reducing the weight of your boat makes it lighter. It also allows the boat to accelerate faster and function with minimized drag since the hull rides much higher in the water. Besides, the boat may be more reactive to trim, further minimizing the drag. Also, you can empty the fresh water and hold tanks you’re carrying on board during the days you wish to go as fast as you can. You might as well have to go boating with less than a fully loaded fuel tank. All these are ways you can reduce the total weight of your boat to make its performance go up.

2. Upgrade Your Boat’s Propeller

Upgrading your boat’s propeller is one of the simplest ways to improve the performance of your boat. Replacing a propeller can make a huge impact on your boat’s performance. For instance, changing from an aluminum propeller to a stainless one can help your boat gain close to 3 mph. The secret to optimizing your boat’s propeller speed is to go for the most robust material. The sturdier your boat’s propeller is, the minimal the chances of it flexing and bending.

Since stainless steel is more robust than aluminum, a propeller made using a stainless material can be thin. A thinner propeller blade minimizes drag since it’s able to cut through the water more efficiently. Additionally, stainless blades won’t flex when weight increases like those made from aluminum. Furthermore, they can retain consistency in speed, leading to improved performance of your boat.

3. Avoid Over-trimming

The traditional boating saying that “when in doubt, trim it out” applies to improving your boat’s performance. Trimming out the inboard/outboard drive raises your boat’s bow, minimizes the moistened surface of the hull, and in turn lowering drag while increasing speed. However, you should avoid over-trimming your boat as this lowers the speed, decreasing the performance of your boat.

Over-trimming the drive means that the propeller gets lifted higher on the water surface. And it will, in the end, lose its contact with the water. The engine’s RPM may start rising, but the boat’s speed will begin decreasing. This phenomenon is visible using a GPS speedometer or other devices like the Yamaha outboard controls display.

You should run your boat to full throttle and then slowly add a trim. Ensure you push the trim switch using your thumb, which will increase your boat’s speed. Overly, the secret is to avoid over-trimming to improve the performance of your boat. Otherwise, it will hinder the performance.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, there are many ways to enhance your boat’s performance to increase speed. Some of the best three ways to enhance boat performance include decreasing the overall weight of your boat, upgrading your boat’s propeller, and avoiding over-trimming. Using these strategies and others, you can significantly enhance your boat’s performance.

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