How To Import An OLM File Into Outlook Windows?

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If you are willing to transfer an OLM file to Outlook Windows. Then you should read this tutorial. We have shared the solution to import OLM files to Outlook Windows manually and use OLM to PST Converter.

We can use both Microsoft Outlook for Mac and the Windows platform. Both platforms are similar, but the difference lies in their file extension for storing mailbox data. On Mac, OLM files are used to contain mailbox data, while PST is used on Windows to store mailbox data.

Why Should Users Want to Transfer an OLM File into Outlook Windows?

  • When a user receives an OLM file from their client and wants to access it in their own profile.
  • If a user wants to migrate from a Mac computer to a Windows computer but wants to continue using Outlook for Windows.
  • If you want to share your Outlook Mac data with coworkers but want to continue using Outlook for Windows.

How to Import OLM File into Outlook Windows Manually?

There is no direct solution available. Therefore, the user needs to implement some external means to perform this process.

  • First, launch Outlook on Mac and click on the file option.
  • After that, tap on export and choose Outlook for Mac.
  • After clicking on the next button, choose the output location to hit the save option.
  • Thereafter, set up a Gmail account with Mac Outlook.
  • Now, transfer the OLM mailbox data to the new Gmail account you set up earlier.
  • Next, set up the same Gmail account with Outlook for Windows.
  • Then transfer all Mac mailbox data to Outlook windows.

Why Should Users Avoid Manual Technique?

  • It consumes a lot of free time and requires much effort.
  • Users must have in-depth technical information to perform this process.
  • Data can be exported but attributes can be lost,

How to Transfer OLM File into Outlook Windows Via Alternative Solution?

If you want accurate results without compromising your mailbox data. Therefore, we suggest that SysTools OLM Converter is the perfect solution and is specially created to convert OLM files without worrying about data loss.

  1. Step 1. Download the alternative solution on your computer and then run it.
  2. Step 2. Select OLM files and insert them into the software panel.
  3. Step 3. After that, click on the PST file option in the list of export types.
  4. Step 4. Here, browse the destination for output and then press export to get the result instantly.

Other Prominent Features of Using Alternative Technique

  • It kept the mailbox data structure the same as the original. Additionally, PST File Converter offers strong protection to prevent any effect during the process.
  • It is very easy to do by all types of users without having technical information.
  • You can also import OLM to Windows Outlook with this solution.
  • It also offers a strong filter feature to convert selective files based on date range, subject, sender, and recipients, and is also useful for skipping unnecessary data.
  • There is no need to download additional applications to complete the process.

Time to Wrap Up

In this tutorial, we have shared the effective solution to import OLM files to Outlook Windows. We have also mentioned a basic overview about the Mac and Windows platforms. We have also shared manual and alternative solutions to complete the process without any failure. As manual solutions have many risks and limitations. Therefore, you can opt for an alternative solution suggested by an expert to complete the process without any failure.