5 Fun-Loving Ideas to Brighten up Children’s Rooms

5 Fun-Loving Ideas to Brighten up Children’s Rooms

Home decoration is an enjoyable and delightful activity but a child’s room setting is a big challenge for parents. People feel a little irritation when choosing among endless furniture options and other accessories. We have composed this article to let you know that kids’ room decoration is not a difficulty but a fun-loving scheme. You will enjoy the task of decking out the children’s room if you get them involved too. They can share their interests, creative ideas, and also the artwork.

 If you are going to brighten up your child’s room for the first time, better make a list of all the room accessories and also note down your kids’ expectations and interests.  The appearance of your little’s angel’s room is quite different from your bedroom or sitting spot. It should be the most colorful and the happiest zone. In designing other interior areas, the prime factor is to achieve peace, comfort and luxury.  But here in the kids’ room you will sprinkle colors and play with art at every corner.

The walls, the bed covers, furniture, toy chest, curtains and paintings- all will contribute to constructing a little haven of light and enjoyment for your children. Be very careful and forget the neutral and dull combos while you are up for decorating your kids’ planet. Stay in contact with us and read the full blog if you want to enjoy sprucing up your child’s apartment. 

Wall Decor:

Wall decor is not something new. All the tasks of interior decoration begin with walls. Other than kids rooms, we paint the walls with pigments that showcase a fantastic blending with the room’s accessories or fix up wall papers but doing the same in a youngster’s room will give an elderly look to space. The child’s room must look like a child’s room. We also take initial steps from the walls. Bright shades are ideal for all kids’ chambers. Yellow is the best choice as a base color to paint walls. Reserve one wall to display your kids’ favorite cartoon images or other specimens. 

If you don’t prefer to draw cartoonish images, your children are themselves creative enough to sketch out their masterpieces. Boost their confidence by expressing their manual art on walls, doors or windows. Don’t leave other walls flat; tracing only dots in contrasting pigment will make them charming and attractive. Choose the color for wall paint your kid loves the most. The wallpapers with childish designs and fun emblems can decorate your kids’ abode and produce a rejoicing and lighthearted feel!

Remember, you can’t make your child happy only with expensive objects, but cheap colorful additions can revolutionize space.

Toy Chest on Wheels:

Toys and games are essential items in all children’s rooms. The young ones like to play on the floor instead of bed or table. The hard floor surface is unpleasant for kids. After designing walls, now come to the floor and spread bright area rug, depicting children’s favorite shapes and designs. The beautiful area rugs will add fascination to the room and save your little ones from slipping away. The floor mats are a must-have in the baby’s room as they keep busy in various playful activities, all the time moving on the hard floor. The area carpets will protect your infant’s feet in winter and warm them up to continue their undertakings. One of their fantastic activities is to play with toys and games. We recommend a toy chest on wheels. It will be easy to move the toy chest from one place to the other while cleaning the floor. 

The babies usually leave toys where they play. Make your kids learn to put their toys in the chest or wicker basket by a trick. At clean up time, give your kids a few minutes to collect toys spread in the room, put them in the chest and roll it out near the wall. The child will collect all toys in the given time, taking it as a challenge. At this, you are supposed to reward him, either a chocolate or a sticker but must give!

Lovely Curtains and Soothing Bed Covers:

The lovely curtains and soft bed covers can make the toddler’s zone ideal and an amazing place in the whole interior. Choose soft colors for the kids room curtains and make prudent use of prints, fabric and colors for their bedding. Child’s bedroom covers are available in multiple designs and patterns. The bed covers and blankets with little princesses or fairies’ images are magically attractive to liven up your baby’s sphere-also, no need to hang plain curtains in mono-colored themes. Select the window blinds that represent uniquely amazing shapes and designs. The real challenge behind toddler’s room decoration endeavor is to choose every accessory splendid, lively and surprising. 

Must keep in mind, your baby’s room is where he is going to learn and groom. He will perform here various activities like playing, eating, studying, and drawing. Design his room in a way that can make him feel extremely comfortable and safe. Let your child put his hand on his cherished bed sheet, pillow covers, and furniture. It will enhance his confidence to make personal decisions. In designing your kiddie’s room, you are in a way training him to live independently!

Kids Room Rugs:

Your young one’s room decoration is only 50 % complete without placing kids rugs in their room. It is the durable, soft, and pretty carpets that allow your little angel to perform his multifaceted activities safely. Here, again you face a big challenge to go for an excellent match. Select a soft, puffy and brilliant area carpet. If you selected the bed sheets representing different shapes and images; go for some geometric patterns on the mat. Such a mesmeric area mat will impart a vibrant theme to space and complement other details. 

If the room’s floor is too hard, add a rug pad to ensure adequate grip on the floor and reduce the chances of slipping away. Tons of cheerful and elegant kids’ rugs are available at RugKnots in diverse price ranges. Don’t forget to buy one masterpiece for your babe’s room!

Lit Up Space with Mirror & Lighting:

You have worked up all the details, now is the time to magnify their grace and appeal. Give a finishing touch to the whole decoration with mirrors and lighting. Don’t think that a mirror is hanging on the bathroom wall. The room’s mirror will lit up space reflecting more light and giving a spacious and soothing feel to the room. 

Similarly, you can also turn the room look considerably larger by organizing an efficient lighting system. If you want to make a big difference in the room’s cozy environment, install different light bulbs and strengthen brightness. Let your boy or girl open the window in the daytime to refresh the room’s internal atmosphere with cool fresh air and capture the bright sunlight as well. Your toddler will take pleasure in the colorful and brighten up space. 


Massive ideas are yet to discover for kids room decoration. Prefer your child’s interests and apply every decoration scheme creatively. We also want to save your precious time, providing plush and gorgeous rugs at our global rugs platform, RugKnots. Don’t hesitate to shoot your order for marvelous area rugs to deck out your interior.

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