Who won the platinum vs white gold fight?

White gold vs platinium

You have already settled for the white metals for your jewelry. Now the remaining battle is between white gold vs platinum. Which metal do you select? What properties do you consider when making your selection?

It is not easy to settle for any of the two metals. They have a striking resemblance. Suppose you are not an expert in metals. You could barely tell them apart, especially when the jewelry is new. Let us see what makes the difference between the metals and which one is the best for you.


White gold and platinum are both white when new. But are they both naturally white? Gold is yellow. It would be best if you allowed it to attain other colors like white, black, rose, green, and blue. Palladium is the standard metal that you alloy with gold to get the white gold- well, at least the hue is an acceptable white. However, the metal appears yellowish. Thus, jewelers use rhodium to plate the alloy. It gives the metal a shiny white finish.

Platinum, on the other hand, it is naturally white. It maintains its color throughout its existence. But it is not the perfect choice if you want a shiny white metal. Thus, on this point, white gold takes the lead.


Platinum has a dense molecular structure. Also, it is softer than white gold. Thus, the metal can go through a lot of strains without losing part of the metal.

Therefore, you can maintain your jewelry size for a lifetime. It will only need minor repairs and polishing to restore its original look.

White gold is lighter and more rigid. When subjected to scratches, you lose a part of the jewelry. Thus, your metal grows thinner every time you take it for repairs and polishing. In the battle of endurance, platinum takes the lead. 

Skin Sensitivity

Do you have sensitive skin? Then it would be wise if you had a metal with hypoallergenic properties. And that metal is platinum. Gold in its pure form is okay, but white gold is a mixture of two metals. The alloying metal may not contain the hypoallergenic property. Thus, it is not the right choice for people with sensitive skin.


What kind of jewelry do you need to make with the white metal? If you want clutches, earrings, or pin backs with springs, you should select white gold. Those designs need more vital metals. Platinum is soft, and it may not hold back tight, and you risk losing your jewelry or rushing to the repair shop after a few wears. However, if you consider platinum for jewelry like brooch, earrings, and necklace, you should handle them with extra care.


Many times, jewelers do not consider platinum as an allot. It is because the metal has a platinum composition of 95%. The lowest acceptable platinum alloy is 90% and nothing lower.

White gold is usually 75% gold or 54% gold. Some people alloy it at even lower percentages. Thus, you see, the metal has higher impurities (Read other metals) as compared to platinum.

In white gold, the higher the percentage of gold, the yellower the metal will look. But that should not worry you anymore. There is a new tech in alloying that makes white gold appear whiter than before. Despite the yellowish look, white gold receives rhodium plating to achieve a perfect white appearance.

Affordability and Maintenance

Platinum is relatively expensive compared to white gold. One factor affecting the price is the purity of the metal. The metals used to alloy the gold reduces the value of gold. Also, it is hard to work with platinum, making jewelers price it higher.

White gold is an excellent metal when you need to save a few bucks. But it is a tricky choice as you will have several maintenance appointments. The maintenance cost will raise the overall cost of owning a piece of white gold jewelry.

One interesting fact is that platinum holds smaller diamonds better and longer. It also maintains engraving for many years.


The weight of a metal determines the comfort of the jewelry. A piece of platinum jewelry will be heavier than white gold jewelry of the same size and design. It takes us back to the density of the metal. If you do not want to feel your jewelry’s weight, you should settle for white gold. 

There is much to consider when you are comparing white gold vs platinum. We cannot even tell you which metals you should select. There are different reasons for you to choose metal. So, you should pick one that meets most of your needs. But if you are the allergic type, you may be forced to settle with platinum.

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