How To Write A Conclusion | A Beginner-Friendly Guide

write a conclusion

You have done it, finally! After weeks and weeks of working, writing, and researching tirelessly, you are just about to finish the main body of your thesis. Hurrah!

But hold up! The hard part is not over yet, as a matter of fact, you have not even started the most difficult section of the essay.

That is spot on! We are referring to the conclusion section.

A lot of students, even the intellectual ones freeze upon reaching this section. Not knowing what to write, or how to conclude, these students make their otherwise outstanding essay a complete fail. Yikes!

But we know just the right tips to get it done smoothly. Yes, we are serious!

Do you want to know the best ways to write conclusions for an essay, too? Well, then count your lucky stars as we have shared some inside news regarding this matter right below.

So, dive right in!

7 Key Details For Writing A Conclusion

Review And Summarize Your Main Points

First and foremost, you need to revisit the main arguments and points that you presented in your essay. Next up, you must summarise them to give your readers a fast recap of the major key takeaways of your essay. You must wrap these points sophistically in a way that highlights the significance of your ideas. Based on the entire length of your essay, knowing how long you must keep your conclusion is somewhat intuitive. However, do not simply summarise what you have already mentioned earlier.

It would be best if you convey a sense of closure with the bigger meaning and lingering possibilities of your topic. If you are not sure how to do all of that, then there is no shame in seeking genuine assignment help. After you have reviewed and summarized your essay’s main points, only then move on to the next step.

Restate Your Thesis

Before you set out to jot down your conclusion and put an end to your weeks and weeks of misery on a great note, there is one thing you must keep in mind. Hmm! What is that? Spoiler Alert – Restating your thesis! Because the thesis is the main idea of your entire essay, it is smart to remind the reader of the purpose of your essay. After restating your thesis (not word-by-word, you need to paraphrase it of course, and provide a brand-new understanding), proceed to the next step.  

Ask Yourself: “Why Does It Matter?”

Do you remember in grade six, when your tutor Miss Natalie told you to end your essay by answering simple questions like “Why does it matter?” or “So, what?” Well, it turns out Miss Natalie was right after all! Her advice holds true even after so many years.

Back to the topic! It helps a lot to ask yourself such questions at the beginning of drafting your thesis and come back to it. By doing so, you will remain in tune with the purpose of your essay. As a result, while writing your essay’s conclusion, you won’t feel the need to hunt down something to add to it. You will have a lot of points to talk about.

Add Perspective

If you have come across a brilliant quote while researching, and didn’t get the chance to incorporate it in your essay, then the conclusion is the perfect spot for it. Using a quote from any primary or secondary source can give your final words a completely different light.

This fresh perspective can add more texture and specificity to your overall argument. However, there is one thing that you must keep in your mind. I.e. if you decide to enhance your final thoughts in this way, then make sure that the secondary materials add (and not subtract) from the points that you made earlier in your thesis. Because come on! You will want to have the ending words, not a brand-new debate right from the start.

Consider The Clincher

At the end of your closing paragraph comes the clincher, better known as the closing sentence. So, while planning to write a great conclusion, this closing sentence must be at the top of your mind. Consider asking yourself, what can you say to catapult the readers to a fresh view on the topic? This clincher assists the readers feel a sense of closure. Moreover, it must also end on the right note. In this way, your audience will feel quite glad that they invested their time to review your paper. Moreover, they will feel that they learned something worth their time. 

Craft A Memorable Closing Statement

Essay writing, especially writing a captivating conclusion is surely no child’s play. However, you can always leave a great and ever-lasting impression on your audience by ending your essay with a note-worthy closing statement. This statement can be anything powerful, such as:

  1. A call to action
  2. A final insight that resonates with your readers
  3. A powerful quote
  4. A thought-provoking question or any other thing that catches your reader’s mind.

Bear in mind that this closing statement must align with the overall purpose and tone of your writing. It should be able to leave a positive, strong, and memorable impression, motivating additional action or contemplation on the subject.

Proofread And Revise

Carefully and attentively revise and proofread your work for coherence, grammatical errors, and clarity. It is vital and essential to tailor well-written and well-polished concluding words that guarantee to leave a positive impact on the audience.

Summing It All Up!

Well-written and well-crafted final words never cease to leave an ever-lasting impression on the readers. It re-attaches them with your thesis points, highlights the importance of your work, and finishes with a memorable statement.

There is one thing that you must bear in mind that is your final words are your last opportunity to resonate with your readers. So, whenever you are writing an essay, make sure to give your final thoughts the proper attention that they deserve. By doing so, you will make your paper stand out seamlessly.

By incorporating the tips we just shared above, we are sure that you are going to write a compelling conclusion for your essay that will make you the apple of your tutor’s eye in no time. So, what is the delay for? Go ahead and finish your essay in the most compelling manner right now!