Things to Know When Using a Treadmill at Home

Treadmill at Home

If you also intend to use a treadmill at home, you also need to know the not to be missed so you can practice it safely and effectively. In addition, you can also find ways to reduce belly fat at home without exercising for busy people. Therefore, a simple way to reduce belly fat will help you own a well-proportioned body and body even though you don’t have much time to exercise.

1. Location of Treadmill

The unit should be placed in a cool, spacious location, avoiding areas exposed to water, liquid or high humidity. Keep away from potentially explosive objects. The machine should be placed on a flat surface and where the load is good, away from other objects about 1m, about 1.5-2m behind the rear to ensure safety during training.

2. Comfortable Clothes

A reasonable outfit will help you to practice the best way. The workout suit should be comfortable, sweat-absorbent, and comfortable. You need to choose the best shoes for treadmill. You should choose a medium, not too tight, with a thick foam base in the heel. For older trainees, shoe soles need to choose high elasticity.

Beside the treadmill, many of you use abdominal muscles to help you get a good shape. However, when you use the abdominal exercise machine you need to know how to use the abdominal exercise machine properly to bring the most effective for users.

3. Choose the Right Exercise Mode

– Exercise mode should change over time, increase speed, tilt to help the exercise less boring and increase the difficulty of exercises.

– At the end of the exercise, you should adjust the low mode of walking within 5 -10 to return to normal breathing

– Practice with different intensity (after training with high intensity, immediately switch to an exercise with lower intensity) has been shown to reduce excess fat and improve cardiovascular health faster than with continuous practice in regular intensity.

Besides using treadmill, abdomen machine is also very popular. Abdominal exercises work to reduce belly fat effectively and quickly, those who want to lose weight quickly can exercise with abdominal muscles to promote their fast weight loss process.

4. Breathe Properly

– Proper breathing when jogging helps to increase oxygen entering the body – a prerequisite for sustaining the body’s strength.

– To breathe properly on the treadmill, you need to take more care of your posture while running. A correct posture when exercising on a treadmill requires: eyes looking straight, spine straight, shoulders stretched to the sides and always ground with the front half of the foot. Limit your eyes to look down on your legs, shoulders or turn your output after running. The wrong posture to run this can distract you and cause serious accidents at any time.

5. Time to Practice

– Time to practice on the treadmill should be regular: 3-4 times / week. Should run in the morning.

– Practicing in about 30- 45 minutes is best.

– It is recommended to practice before meals about 30 minutes and after meals about 2 hours.

– Do not run much in the evening causing difficulty sleeping at night.

– Do not run immediately after eating will cause stomach pain

If you can’t afford to buy a new treadmill, you can buy old treadmill for use. However, it is possible that these machines have gone under warranty, so before buying an old treadmill, you need to pay attention to the quality and reliability of the product seller.

6. Drink Enough Water When Running

When you exercise your body will produce a sweat, if you don’t replenish water, your body will become dehydrated and cause symptoms of fatigue and dizziness. Lack of water causes muscle disorders, reduced ability to give birth. force, easy to produce cramps and moreover, it is difficult to concentrate on pushing the machine when the throat and mouth are dry. However, we should not abuse too much water during exercise, so drinking water when taking a break, drinking it while exercising will make you feel sick.

7. Excessive Running

Many people believe that the more you exercise, the faster you will lose weight. However, not so, during exercise, shortness of breath, panting is a natural phenomenon because of the degree of breathing depending on the intensity of the motor is strong or weak. But if you are moving gently but have had shortness of breath, have a headache and have dizziness symptoms and dizziness, you must stop practicing and go to the hospital immediately.

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