Guide to Successfully Upload App on Google Play Store and iOS App Store

app uploading tips

Today mobile apps alone determine the overall existence of a business. In other words, through the presence of a mobile app alone can a business gain customer outreach.

So basically you have two platforms where businesses can actually gain customer outreach and that are Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

However, to make sure your app gets successfully uploaded on Google Play Store and iOS App Store respectively without any discrepancy you should make sure to follow some steps.

Why You Need to Get Follow Steps While Uploading App on Google Play Store and iOS App Store

The steps make sure your app gets maximum customers thereby more profits for you.

So first we discuss the steps you need to follow when you upload app on Google Play Store. This will help you gain customers for the Android platform in the best possible way,

Steps to Follow When Uploading App on Google Play Store

  • In case your app is a paid app, make sure you have a Google Wallet Merchant Account. This will ensure the money paid by users gets credited to you
  • In case it is a non-paid account, make sure you have a Google Play Publisher Account created. Also make sure to pay a one-time registration fee of 25 dollars
  • Ensure you contain a little description about the app. This way, customers will know why your app is different in comparison to other apps present in market.
  • Provide the information about your app including its assets. Icons, screenshots as well as description

So now that you know the steps when you go on to upload the app on Google Play Store, here are the steps you should follow while you go on to upload your app on the iOS App Store. These will bring more customers operating through an iPhone.

Steps to Follow While Uploading App on iOS App Store

  • Enrol in the Apple Developer Program where the membership fee for the same is 99 dollars per year.
  • Create a unique ID for your app along with a provisioning profile
  • Fill a form containing details. This may include name of app, app icon, screenshots, description, categories, keywords for app store optimization, etc.
  • Make sure the name on the developer account is same as the app final owner. This is to be done when you upload the app on iOS App Store

Result of Following The Steps

These steps will ensure a successful upload of your app. Also, it shall promise maximum number of customers for you.

Concluding Notes to Explain the Importance of Following The Steps

So concluding, make sure to remember and follow these steps. Also, keep these tips strictly in mind when you go onto uploading your app on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store respectively.

This way your app will get uploaded successfully on these two platforms without any kind of discrepancy whatsoever. Also, it will assure assuring you your app gains customer outreach and thereafter bring enormous profits for you in the long run.

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