How To Run a Webinar

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A good webinar means good promotion for your business. An instructive webinar always leaves a great impact on the targeted audience and thus it plays a crucial role in the success of a business. But the question arises on how to run or hold a webinar? So, the answer is – focus on below-mentioned tips and ideas to make the task easier. Here are the considerations to tackle a good webinar:

  • Plan a webinar
  • Prepare a checklist of webinar best practices
  • Select a specific idea
  • Choose skilled speakers
  • Choose the perfect webinar software
  • Think about how to promote it
  • Prepare some instructive PowerPoint slides
  • Write a strong script
  • Choose the right platform to host your webinar
  • Track your campaign properly
  • Arrange a headset microphone
  • Keep power backup such as batteries
  • Enlist a technical assistant

All these key points will let you host an outstanding webinar. Now after arranging all these things, you are ready to host a webinar. As hosting a webinar is a time-consuming process, so must be executed with a proper plan. Here are some steps that will surely help you out to run a smooth webinar: 

#1. Map out your webinar program

First, prepare a program calendar and have a glance over it. Try to fill in the gaps to shorten its time and prepare a content strategy. After that get an idea of the targeted audience you are going to address. Make sure not to plan your content for a specific type of audience. Once you are done with the program calendar and audience mapping, go for checking out specific topics. It will help you to focus on these topics in a better way and as a result, your webinar will prove to be a success.

#2. Promote your webinar

After planning your webinar content, it’s high time to get started. You will need at least one month to prepare yourself for the webinar. It will give you enough time to plan your webinar, your creative team to prepare PowerPoint slides, your technical team to invite registrations, and your speakers to develop the content.

Once you are done with the preparations, including the creative team, technical assistance, speakers, etc., focus on promoting your webinar. Emails and social media will be the best option in this situation. You can start your email promotions two weeks before the webinar which must include three emails. 

One for the invitation and two reminders. Social media will help you to drive last-minute registration and you can target more audience via Facebook, Instagram, and other channels.

3. Get prepared and go live

Finally, after spending much time in developing content and promoting your webinar, the success of your webinar will depend on its presentation. Although webinars are the events that are done virtually, still many things could go wrong. There might occur some technical issues or speakers might present unexpected content. So present the webinar with the utmost care and keep a backup of all the necessary things, if required.

However, it is suggested to run a trail webinar before going live. It will not only boost up your confidence but will also let you know about technical issues and other problems that may arise at the time.

4. Follow up

After concluding the webinar, follow your registrants and ask them for feedback. It will help you to figure out how effective your webinar was and what impact it had left on the attendees. Record the responses and analyze them later on.

So just follow these steps and make your virtual webinar a success.

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