How to Repair SQL Server 2008 r2? Stepwise Guide

Are you looking for a trusted and workable solution to repair suspect database in SQL Server 2008 r2 

Or do you want to learn how to repair SQL Server 2008 r2? If yes, then you have landed on the right place. In this technical post, we are going to discuss two methods for the same and provide all possible causes behind this issue. 

SQL aka structured Query Language. It is mainly used to store, manage and retrieve crucial data. It is a tech giant relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. SQL Server is designed with advanced technology that supports analytics operations, transaction processing and business intelligence operations. Nowadays, users switch to using SQL Server to improve business productivity and increase the security of sensitive data & information stored in SQL Server. There are some conditions or needs when a user looks for a well established and reliable method to repair SQL Server 2008 r2 issue. 

Potential Causes of Master Database File Corruption 

There are a number of reasons why users want to repair suspect database in SQL Server 2008 r2. Here, we mentioned one of the common issue that triggered to this issue: 

  1. Hardware Issue 
  2. Software Bugs 
  3. Unexpected Shutdown
  4. Application Error 
  5. Logical Error 
  6. Virus Attack 

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Learn How to Repair SQL Server 2008 r2 ? Possible Methods 

In this segment, we will discuss various methods that help you to fix the user query on “ How to repair SQL Server 2008 step by step “. So, let’s see..

  1. Manual Method 
  2. Professional Solution ( Tried and Tested Solution)

Method 1 : How to repair SQL Server 2008 step by step with Valid Backup

This is the easy and reliable way to repair a SQL Server database without any difficulty. If you have a recent and functional backup of the database, then you can easily restore data to good state without any data loss. 

Follow the below mentioned steps to fix SQL Server 2008 r2 (suspect) mode issue: 

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) on your PC. 
  2. Under object explorer, expand the Databases folder.
  3. Right-click the Database that you want to repair and then select the Restore Database option.
  4. In the Restore Database windows screen, under the Source for restore section, click the From device option and then click on the browse button.
  5. Now, Select the Backup media type and then click the Add button in the Specify backup window.
  6. In the next step, Select the backup file that you want to restore and click on the OK button.
  7. The Database restore window will display the backup file.
  8. Here, select Options under Select a page in the Restore Database screen.
  9. Finally, select one of the checkboxes under the Restore Options screen and click on the OK button.

Limitations of Manual Method 

  • When using the manual method to repair SQL Server databases there is high risk of data loss.
  • It requires in depth technical expertise of SQL commands, database structures and recovery techniques.
  • Manual method repair process can be time consuming, especially for large or complex databases. 
  • The manual method may not work effectively if the database files are severely corrupted.

Method 2 : Learn How to Repair SQL Server 2008 r2? Instant Solution

To overcome the limitation of manual method, consider using the SysTools SQL Recovery Tool. It offers various features to repair and recover corrupted SQL Server database files. The utility offers two scan modes – Quick and Advance. You can choose any of these based on the level of corruption. 

The tool supports various Microsoft SQL Server versions like – table, triggers, stored procedure, functions,etc. With this, users can preview all the database objects including tables, triggers, stored procedure, functions, views and more. It has a GUI (graphical user friendly interface) so that even a novice user can fix corrupted SQL Server 2008 r2 without any hassle. 

Procedure to resolve the user query on “SQL Server 2008 r2 (suspect) mode – How to repair” : 

Step 1. Download, install and run the software on your windows machine and click on the “Open” button to upload the MDF files. 

Step 2. Thereafter, choose the san mode either quick or advanced, based on your corruption level and select the SQL Server version.  Make sure to check the recovered deleted objects to recover all the deleted databases. 

Step 3. Now, preview the database files and click on the “Export” option on the top. 

Step 4. Afterwards, select the “ destination location” and adjust other settings accordingly. 

Step 5. Finally, select the export option “with only schema” or “schema and data” and then click on the “Export” button to begin the process. 


We know that repairing the SQL Server 2008 r2 step by step is a tedious task. For this reason, we have discussed two solutions – manual and instant solution, users can choose any of them based on their needs. However, the manual method does not work with the corrupted database. Therefore, we recommend opting for the instant solution to repair and recover corrupted SQL Server database files. It is the best and most suitable approach to fix the query “How to repair SQL Server 2008 r2” issue. Users can also try out the free demo version to assess its performance.