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NEET is your entrance gate to the magnanimous world medical profession. This common entrance test is conducted for admissions to AIIMS, JIPMER and other top medical colleges across India, for courses in MBBS, BDS and AYUSH. Genuine and passionate preparation is the only way to crack the NEET exam 2021 with top grades. You must be among the top lot to choose the medical college of your choice. NEET coaching centres in Kerala and elsewhere play a key role in elevating the students to the requisite standard.

Do you want to know the steps to prepare well for NEET 2021?

We have been examining the methodology adapted by Prepare Well for NEET toppers over the years. Pursuing a clearly laid down preparation pattern judiciously can make you one among the chosen few. Dedicated yourself for a few months or a couple of years to embrace a life of riches and solace. You may feel tired or get bored during the monotonous NEET 2020-21 preparation. Imagine the change the successful accomplishment can make in your life. And continue the hard work, until you succeed.

What are the Important Points of NEET 2021?

Before you begin the preparation, you need to be aware of the basic aspects regarding NEET 2021. The idea of the fundamental factors would be helpful. And you can focus on the preparation accordingly.  

  • National Testing Agency (NTA) is the authorized organization for conducting NEET 2021.
  • A total of 180 questions are asked in the NEET. Out of which, 45 each will be from Physics and Chemistry. 90 questions will be from Biology. The same question pattern would be followed in NEET 2021 too. The exam time will be 03 hours.
  • Each objective type question will bear 04 marks. Note that there is negative marking for wrong answers, i.e. 01 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. There won’t be any deduction for unattended questions.
  • The online application portal for NEET 2021, which is expected to be conducted in May 2021, will be open from December 2020.

How To Prepare Well For NEET 2021?

The number of students appearing for NEET is increasing each year. However, the number of seats is not increasing proportionally. A well-planned and meticulously executed preparation is essential for admission in the medical college of your choice. NEET coaching centres in Kerala and other locations can play a crucial role in making you a winner. Embark on the mission to crack NEET at the earliest to make it more effective.

Be Determined 

Not much recognized aspect, determination and perseverance can turn the game in favour of you. Be determined and dedicate yourself to clear the NEET 2021 with exceptional grades. You have to have this attitude before commencing the preparation, to strengthen your psyche to continue studying even at any adverse situation.     

Know the NEET Exam Pattern 

Examine the test pattern, the type of questions asked and important topics. You can ask for help from professional tutors or coaching centres if you don’t have much idea about it.

Get the Right Books 

Don’t buy all the books you find in the bookshop, thinking that you will study from everything.  It will do more harm than good. Initially, it may be okay. However, the vision of such a large number of books, scattered around, can tire you even before you start studying. 

Buy the expert-advice books from reputed authors. Those would have covered the topics in a comprehensive manner that would make the preparation more effective. Here is the complete list of best books for NEET 2021 preparation.

Make a Time Schedule 

Ensure that you devote a stipulated time each day, for NEET 2021 preparation. Avoid missing out the schedule or procrastination. Having said that, procrastination has killed more dreams than anything else ever would. Even though you fail to study a particular day, make it a practice to make it up the next day. Most probably, once you are into the flow, it will turn an effortless thing for you.

Practice Old Questions 

Practicing old questions will aid you in understanding the question pattern and important portions. It will also aid in improving your speed.

Attend Mock Tests 

Attending mock tests will reveal you how much you have understood, your weak areas and strengths. You can undertake additional preparation accordingly to improve upon your weak areas.

Be Confident 

The planned preparation itself will boost your confidence. Read motivational books, watch motivational videos or get counselling from the professional tutors, in case you feel unconfident.

In the end, understand that if you think you can, you can. All the best for your NEET exam.

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