How to overcome Negativity Bias

Overcome Negativity Bias

Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring the negative. Being positive means overcoming the negatives. There’s a big difference between the two. One day you get ready for the party and wear your new pretty dress that you bought especially for this awaited occasion. There many people compliment you for your dress, you become so elated and overwhelmed by hearing different compliments from so many people. After enjoying the party while you were about to leave the party, one of your friends comes to you and comments on your shoes that they don’t match and looks bit older on your dress. since that moment you linger on negative thoughts like “what people might be thinking about my shoes, how odd I might be looking, 

Overcoming the Negative Bias

Self-Awareness and Challenging Negative Self-Talk

You may learn to identify any thoughts that are going through your head, including good and detrimental ones, by checking in with yourself periodically during the day. To determine what is helping you and what isn’t, you can also examine your own habits.

Mindfulness: Breathing and Meditations

One effective method to improve your awareness of your own emotions is to practise mindfulness. You can begin to observe your feelings and ideas more objectively through guided meditations, introspection, and other mindfulness exercises.

Cognitive Restructuring

Many psychological diseases, including as depression and anxiety, have been associated to negativity bias. It often helpful to exercise cognitive restructuring   The best psychologist near me” by reframing the event or experience when you see yourself taking a negative view on circumstances.

Savour the Positive Moments

You are relishing the moment and making memories for the future when you pause and take a moment to “drink in” a good experience. You can remedy online therapist India the imbalance that negativity bias predisposes us to by increasing your stock of happy thoughts and emotions.

Take a bit more time than normal to savour it the next time you create or experience a happy moment. Take full use of the positive feelings, cheery ideas, and enjoyable emotions you experience, and write down what you liked about it. 

Scatter simple pleasures 

Our brain gets the boost it needs to combat the day’s natural negativity by receiving modest doses of positivity throughout it. We can sprinkle a few enjoyable activities into our day. They can be as easy and uncomplicated as possible, such as a morning cup of coffee on the balcony, 30 minutes of enjoyable reading, a relaxing bubble bath, fresh flowers for your desk, or simply listening to the birds outside your window.

Practice realistic optimism 

Read to better comprehend circumstances, their effects, and their long-term effects. The more control you have over a particular emotion, the less it will frighten and worry you.

Reframe adversity as opportunity

Maybe through video and written conversations, a relationship has unintentionally deepened. There might be a chance to help a neighbour and give something back. Evaluate and tally the opportunities that exist alongside the challenges you are now facing.