How to Organize a Sustainable Corporate Event

corporate event organizing

Corporate events are a big deal in the business world. They have many purposes, including validating employees, celebrating company success, and building team morale. 

A corporate event is an excellent opportunity to remind everyone of a company’s core values. One of those values should also be sustainability. Every company and every business should strive to develop sustainable values. 

We can take Australia as a good example where businesses still struggle to embrace sustainability as a core value. Still, at least their events are becoming more and more eco-friendly.

So, a great starting point for your company can be the organization of a sustainable corporate event. Here are some tips on how to organize a sustainable corporate event.

1. Find eco-friendly suppliers and the venue

A great way to start organizing your event involves choosing suppliers and a perfect venue. 

To ensure the event is sustainable, partner with eco-friendly suppliers and vendors, whose values reflect yours. When choosing green suppliers, make a list of all requirements you have. This way you ensure that all your demands are met.

Also, make sure that the venue you settle for is also green and has sustainability certifications. What this means is choosing a venue that has recycling stations, smart energy, and water-saving policies, encourages plastic reduction, and similar things. 

2. Go paper-and plastic-free

To organize a truly green corporate event, you should ditch both paper and plastic. Single-use products, while being convenient also have the greatest negative impact on our planet. So, if you want to decrease the carbon footprint of your corporate event, avoid using paper and plastic single-use products.

Instead, use recyclable or reusable tableware. This means reusable glasses, wooden or metal cutlery, automatic beverage dispensers, and other similar eco-friendly items.

3. Have sustainable catering

Sustainable catering refers to organic and locally sourced produce. Partner up with caterers who provide organic, straight-from-the-farm produce. This is a great way to make your event more sustainable and to support small, local businesses.

Another benefit of sourcing local catering is that it reduces emissions. Locally sourced produce doesn’t need to be transported long distances to get to you.

4. Green activities and entertainment

Activities and entertainment are important to every corporate event, so you need to think about that too. In this case, technology is the perfect solution. 

Digital caricaturists, photo booths, live music, karaoke machine, VR and AR tech, and so on. Going digital can improve sustainability efforts.

Photo booths, for example, can be an endless source of entertainment. There are many different types of photo booths, so you can choose the one that fits your needs the best. And if you are from the Sydney area, you can choose a photo booth hire in Sydney.

5. Encourage eco-friendly transportation

The next thing on your list should be to encourage your employees and guests to use eco-friendly transportation. 

Communicate with your attendees and incentivize them to use public transportation, or eco-friendly transportation such as bicycles, or carpools.

Yes, you’re organizing the sustainable event, but the actions of everyone involved in it matter as well.

Also, make sure that the venue you choose for the event is accessible by public transportation, that is local and within walking distance from a bus or a train station.

6. Inform attendees about your sustainability goals

Planning and organizing a sustainable corporate event is not easy. As an organizer, you need to develop a great strategy, make decisions, find partners whose values reflect yours, and so on.

Pulling off a sustainable event takes a lot of work and effort. That’s why you should inform your attendees about your sustainability goals. Share with them your ideas, send invitations, advertise, and simply get everyone excited about your green event.

Many businesses and companies, both large and small, are doing everything they can to become more sustainable. And since events have a bad reputation for harming the environment, switching to sustainable events is a good idea.