Report writing service UK is a widely used test format in history, geography, geopolitics, French or even philosophy. It is a question of carrying out an in-depth reflection on a given subject. It can be a quote (for example, in philosophy: “Without music, life would be an error”), a word (always in philosophy: “The truth”), two words linked by a logical connector (“Desire and reality”), A question (“Is self-awareness self-knowledge?


Reading the subject and first intuitions 

One of the best advice we can give you in the methodology of the essay is to rely on your first hunches: write your first ideas directly on your draft as soon as you have read the subject because you risk forgetting them by afterwards, knowing that they can be fundamental and very relevant parts of your plan.

Write down all the ideas that come to mind, without categorizing them. You will sort it out later. All words, thoughts, questions, authors and references that come to mind at first glance should be immediately written on your draft.

Imagine that you are in front of a French essay subject, for example “The role of the poet”. Here are the first ideas that may come to mind without sorting or categorizing them:

The function of the poet by Victor Hugo

Plato and the poet outside the city

Romantic poet and the “me”

Role: function / responsibilities 

If the poet has responsibilities, who gives them to him?

Distinguish the paradox behind the essay topic 

Each essay subject, whatever the subject, conceals a problem, a paradox, a “tension” as professors of philosophy like to say. To find this tension, you have to ask yourself the following question: “What is it?” “. If the teachers have chosen to give you this subject, it is for a good reason, it is not by picking random words in the dictionary. What is this reason?

It is by asking yourself this question that you will make a first draft of the problematic, on which will be based your entire Assignment writing service. Here, you haven’t done any in-depth work yet: you just contented yourself with asking questions from your intuitions only. It is then that comes the in-depth work and that you will (or not) modify or improve your problem.

Defining the terms of the essay topic: a fundamental step 

Now, you will have to look at the keywords of the subject, ignoring the logical connectors (these are essential, but they will come in your analysis in the next step).

The definition of the terms of the subject is one of the most important steps in the methodology of the essay, because it is from there that you will either understand the expectations of the subject, or go completely off-topic.


General tips for making a good essay plan 

The plan is the backbone of your argument. Without a skeleton, your argument does not hold water! You should not therefore neglect the choice of your major parts and your sub-parts. The content of your development, namely key dates / numbers and examples, are not enough to make a good essay. If your argument is not structured, as rich in examples as your copy is, your copy will be very, very strongly devalued!

It is imperative that there is a balance in your plan: forbid for example to do 4 sub-parts in a large part, and 2 sub-parts in another. There must be the same number of sub-parts in your large parts.

For a good essay, you can do 2 or 3 big parts, no more and no less. But we will always advise you to favor a 3-part plan, because a 2-part plan generally prevents you from carrying out your thinking to the end and makes it very difficult to deepen your analysis.

 Whatever the subject, it is very strongly recommended to make 3 large parts and 3 sub-parts in each to make a good essay.

Make transitions between your big parts, show that there is logic in the flow of your ideas and that you don’t just stick to loose arguments. Remember that your corrector does not know your way of writing and is discovering your analysis for the first time, you must hold his hand throughout your essay, hence the importance of your transitions.


The conclusion is the easiest part to write: go over the main stages of your argument and show that you have answered your problem. It is very well to end with an opening sentence which opens the reflection on a larger theme.

It can be considered as the least important part of your essay (but it is obviously not to be neglected!). In other words, this is the part where you need to spend the least time. Financial Report writing service we would even advise you to write it straight away and reserve the time saved for the analysis of the subject and / or for a careful drafting.

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