How to look Cool on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

davidson motorcycle

Are you a bike lover? Do you know a few things about motorcycles and bikes? Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

You don’t know a thing about thrilling adventures if you haven’t ridden a motorcycle in life. It is the most exotic and refreshing experience, the cool air hitting your face and every crevice of your body. It gives you an instant vibrant vibe. It is more of a big deal if that motorcycle is Harley Davidson. The adrenaline rush you get while riding a Harley Davidson is another level of experience due to it’s amazing exterior and the quality of its engine.


If you ride a Harley, you have already entered the cool dude or girl criteria. Now, to ensure that you are looking absolutely gorgeous or handsome on a Harley you may check off the following list:


An appealing jacket:

Top Gun Maverick Jacket ensure safety, this is the first measure you take while riding a Harley or any other bike. Why this step is necessary is the most thought question. So, you already know Harleys are unpredictable and it’s better safe than sorry so always wear a jacket, preferably a leather jacket to ensure your saftery. Web stores are offering Top Gun Jacket, worn by Tom Cruise who looks absolutely incredible wearing it. Other Movie Jackets are also available to surf through.

A cool helmet:

Another safety measure is wearing helmet. Not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is not cool, it’s dangerous and stupid disregard safety measures by not wearing helmet while riding a motorcycle.
There are a number of cool helmets easily available, you can choose one of your choice and ride a bicycle with great ease.


Iconic sunglasses:

Wearing cool sunglasses or even normal lenses specs help while you ride a book. Choose a type of glass which suits your bone structure, be it your normal glasses or your sunglasses. Glasses help you to avoid excessive air coming directly in contact with your eyes. Our eyes are sensitive and can react to particles coming with speed mixed with air which may cause the bike to imbalance. It is not just only totally cool to wear sunglasses, it is also a helping tool.


If you have a half covering helmet, it is more appropriate to use a face mask. A normal surgical face mask would suffice to wear while riding the bike. A lot of harmful gases are in environment which may cause different disorders, to avoid direct inhalation wear a mask which filters the air. This will add to your cool apparel as you will be seen as someone who promotes a healthy environment.


Adding a pair of leather gloves to your apparel might help. Leather gloves give you a firmer grip on the bike handles, it avoids measure imbalance. We have already established that every leather garment looks infinitely cool.


It is better to match your Leather Jackets with a leather vest for maximum protection. God forbid, if you ever meet with an accidental fall the double layer of leather will protect you. In appearance it looks amazing when worn with a leather jacket.



If we have talked about jacket and vests how can we forget pants? Pants are the essential part. Make sure you pair your leather jacket with either leather pant or with a rugged or ripped Jean. This will help you exhibit a complete cool vibe and will go with your apparel smoothly.


Talking about all the things that will suit your apparel to match the super cool Harley Davidson, how can we forget the emblem of bikers? Bandanas! Yes bandanas are the one thing that bikers are always seen wearing. You can tie them up around your wrists or around your forehead. Or if you’re a girl riding the bike you can wear it around your neck or as a scrunchy around your wrist or tie it like a ponytail.


Your riding stance is the way you sit on the motorcycle while riding it, the wrong way might lead you to a great fall.

An upright posture while sitting on the bike you want to ride will help you in maintaining balance and will break any possible falls. Use your core muscles to balance your flank and bend your knees at the right angle to improve the stability of your posture. The degree of angles at various points of your body is very vital like a 130° angle at knees, a 25° angle towards the handle of the back while in speed helps maintain the balance.

Even for photos, you need to lean comfortably at the back seat to give a cool look.

All the steps mentioned above are important not just for safety purpose but to look cool as well. Remember, healthy is the new cool. Clean your bike regularly to appear much more cooler. 

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