6 Healthy Eating Tips for Teens

healthy eating

As teens, we often skip our meals or rush into things while grabbing onto junk as food. We forget that our body is in the growing phase which demands for healthy and nutritious food. Our health is directly dependent on the food that we eat. Just because you are not a victim of any disease, doesn’t mean that you are healthy. The physical, mental and social well being is what makes you healthy. You must have a product and a healthy lifestyle in order to function your mind accordingly and perform well in the challenges that life up brings.

Today teenagers are getting less Vitamin D, calcium, fiber and iron. It is vital to balance a diet that could help you to intake essential nutrients for a healthy body and mind. Check out the collection of Mens Brown Leather Jacket on Takeshi Kovacs Jacket. We are here with 6 healthy eating tips for teens that could ensure their physical and mental growth. Let’s give the following a read:

1. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Usually teens avoid having breakfast which affects their metabolism in a negative manner. If you eat your breakfast regularly, you will be able to boost up your metabolism and cut down on sweet cravings for the entire day. Starting your day with a healthy meal can make you focus well in school with a happy mood. You can opt for a glass of milk or eggs in the morning. Whole grains and proteins are the best to utilize in the morning. Avoid going for cereals or sugary tarts.

2. Do not skip meals

As a teenager, your body is going through continuous changes. When you skip a meal, you miss out on nutrition which is vital for your body at this age. Try not to skip meals throughout the day. Keep some handfuls of nuts or fruits, such as almonds, walnuts, bananas or apples along to munch on during the day. Have a proper nutritious meal in lunch and dinner. Put a little too much effort in your lunch as it can boost up your energy. Keep your body fueled up for the entire day and experience an energetic vibe.

3. Avoid sugary drinks

Cutting back on sugar is the best thing that you do at this stage of your life. A sugary drink contains an immense amount of sugar which is enough to make you lethargic. As teens, we know it can be hard to cut back on sodas and sugary drinks, but if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle for yourself, then you must start with cutting back on sugary drinks. Start with baby steps, if you are having two drinks in a day, cut it back to one, and if you are consuming one in a day, then try to quit it. You may grab onto healthy drinks such as flavored milk, unsweetened tea or coffee. Stay hydrated with water.

4. Focus on food groups

Your body needs an intake of carbohydrates, proteins, Vitamins and fibers. What usually happens, is teens miss out on food groups such as, they do intake carbohydrates and proteins but skips vegetables and fruits – which isn’t right. You need to add these food groups in your meals regularly. For example, if you have been taking proteins in the morning, add veggies to your lunch, fruits to your snacks and whole grains to your dinner. 

5.Have a balanced diet

You know how to balance your diet; you just need to commit yourself. By having a balanced diet, we do not mean by cutting onto your favorite snacks or foods. You can have pizza but maybe once in a while. Instead of going with an overloaded cheese pizza you can opt for one which is loaded with vegetables. Balance out what you eat. If you eat a pizza for lunch, try to go for boiled vegetables or fruits for dinner. Fulfil your cravings along with having a healthy and balanced diet.

6. Stay active

Staying active can have a strong impact on your eating habits. Nowadays, teens tend to spend most of their time indoors while using smartphones, tablets and laptops. You are missing one of the most vital activities in your life, that is exercise. Get out and spend some time in the open air, walking or jogging and living a healthy lifestyle. With regular exercise you can boost up your metabolism and mood as well. You can make a huge difference in your life, by spending only 10 minutes walking or jogging. Stay active and care about your body. It is the only place where you have to live.


These healthy eating tips can ensure healthy growth of your teenagers’ mind and body. It is vital to intake fiber, Vitamin, iron and calcium to balance the metabolism of your body. Eat healthy and stay active!

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