How to Hide Your IP Address in Windows 10

hide ip address in windows 10

What’s My IP address? This question is generally asked by novice people who are new to computers. It is simply the unique address of the computer. The full name is Internet Protocol address, this is similar to the different homes in a particular area and hence the computers are differentiated by the unique IP in the internet marketplace. A fun fact here to note is that maximum people are not aware of their IP address. Sounds funny, right?

Should you hide your IP address? Of course yes! In this fast-changing technological world, data security is extremely important. The reasons to hide your IP address are as follows:

  • Not everyone around is a nice guy, people with malicious intentions can track down your IP address and then use the same for their selfish needs.
  • If your IP address is known to the people, they can track your activities; your confidential information may get leaked.
  • The advertisers can begin annoying you and your mental peace can go for a toss. It is important to stay anonymous while you work so that no one is able to spy on your computer and the activities.
  • Avoid the ban on the IP address when you are traveling. There are certain rules in the specific countries that ban the IP address and in turn affect your work. Hence, you can hide your IP address and get a different one so that you can enjoy the uninterrupted work.
  • By hiding the IP address, you can continue to work despite the censorship and restrictions by the government or the educational institutes. In such cases, the hidden IP address is helpful to view the restricted content.
  • You can keep your browsing activity private from your internet service provider. The ISP keeps an eye on the browsing history of the users and also sells it to make a profit.
  • You may not know but all the search engines keep a check on your browsing history and hence your privacy goes for a toss. If you want to keep your search history private then hiding the IP address is recommended.

Are you ready to read further to know about the easy ways to hide your IP address? Great! Continue reading.

How to Hide IP Address?

There are plethora of ways and tools that can help you hide your IP address, let’s dive deep into them:

1. Use a Proxy Server

If your requirement is to hide your IP address on a temporary basis then using a proxy server is your best bet. What a proxy server does is that it does not reveal your actual IP address to the websites that you are surfing. It works as a cover when you are surfing through the internet. Having said that, do not trust any proxy server blindly and ensure that no personal information is revealed. The positives & negatives of using a proxy server as follows:-

Positives of using a Proxy server:

  • A great way to hide the IP address.
  • Using a proxy server is an appropriate method to bypass the content filters.
  • By using a proxy server, you can access the country-specific content at a different location.

Negatives of using a proxy server:

  • Most of the free proxy servers come with loads of advertisements that can be annoying.
  • The proxy servers (Web-based) can hide only the IP address when it is regarding the traffic generated through internet surfing.
  • Most of the proxy servers maintain the logs of the internet surfing history of the users. It implies that other folks can have access to your activities.
  • In the absence of encryption, the data is not secure when it goes through the proxy server.

2. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Your savior in protecting the identity – VPN – a great method to help you in hiding the IP address. It is your best bet while working on the Windows 10 system and it ensures security. The VPN is similar to the proxy server when your IP address is flipped but it also ensures that the internet traffic from your computer remains safe and secure.

The process works like this – The information is routed through the VPN server which in turn assigns a different IP address and then sends it out. This IP address is mostly the common one and many folks use the same and hence it becomes cumbersome to track down your actual IP address.

There are numerous best VPN for Windows available online that can help you protect your IP address and location from spying entities.

Positives of using the VPN network:

  • The best feature in the VPN network is the encryption that keeps your privacy and data protected.
  • It is extremely easy to set up and use.
  • There is absolutely no issue in using public Wi-Fi when you have a VPN.
  • The best of the VPN does not maintain the logs and hence the Governments or ISPs cannot find the history of your internet browsing.
  • Through VPN, users can access restricted websites.

Negatives of using the VPN network:

  • Because of the encryption with the traffic, the VPN service tends to reduce the speed of the internet browsing.


Nowadays, hiding IP addresses is absolutely essential if you want to stay safe and enjoy a seamless browsing experience. Windows 10 does not provide any in-built tools so you have to resort to other techniques. You can search for a free VPN to hide an IP address on the internet but you are advised to go for a paid version to get better security.

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