How to Design the Best Jerseys for Your Team

sublimated design

Designing the best jerseys for your team is super simple and a great way to build team spirit. If you have a team that is just starting out or a team campaign that needs that little something extra, then you should consider this.


It’s easy to create the best jerseys for your team. All you have to do is find a print-on-demand website. Place your order and you have the end result. Some people like to DIY it themselves with Cricket printers, but it’s cheaper when you use a print-on-demand website. You can have the exact same thing done with precision and save your own personal time creating them, and avoid the struggle that always seems to ensue with DIY projects.


You might wonder why you should even bother to do something like this. It is a bit of an undertaking, but it’s well worth it. When you see the faces of the team wearing their jerseys, you’ll understand that it creates a sense of union. Imagine watching your favorite football team without the jerseys or cheerleading outfits. It’s not the same thing at all.


This is a method of printing that might interest you. It offers a more comfortable way to print your design. The features of how you place color and the mascot all feel as though they are part of the actual fabric. This leads to a better fit and feel for your team jerseys. Get creative with this type of design. Consider it. You can create a sublimated design jersey that promotes team spirit really easily. Go to the site and see what it has to offer. Loads of teams already use this method. It makes the whole process simple. It feels so professional.


Once you’ve decided how to print the end result, you can begin to design the jersey. In order to create the best jerseys, you need to think about color. There are thoughts on the psychology of colors that determine your best choices for the end result. First, ask your team what colors they like. Think about how they look together and consider the feeling the color combinations create. At that point you have your colors picked out.


Next, decide if you need a team mascot. If so, then get the royalty-free mascot design ready to apply to the end design. You may need to consult the printing company for the best choice of application. Some designs that are royalty-free online come in a specific layout. Your printing company might not be able to work with that. So be sure to check before you pay for an order that won’t look right.


Finally, we have the basic features of a design, but how should you place it all together? That’s a serious question that should include your team. Ask them what they think of your ideas. Remember that they are the ones who will wear these and it should be something they feel pride in wearing. There are entire websites that specialize in design layouts. They cover where you should place things to get attention in a way that creates a feeling.

– Will your team only wear the jersey during practice?

– Will you need more than one jersey per team member?

– What does the jersey convey to the audience of the public?

These things are so important to design the best jersey for your team. Nothing is worse than having a great one that you have to wash every day. If you practice a lot in them, consider buying more than one per team member. Then consider if you need another for practice versus performance. If the team is a performance-based team, then they may need more than one as well. Finally, think about the message it conveys to the public. Some teams don’t need to worry about this. Consider what the message is for those who look at the jersey. Does it inspire?

That’s all there is to it. You can contact the printing company and place that order. Soon your team will have the best jersey for whatever the future holds. Show your team spirit every time it’s worn.

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