How To Crack Design Entrance Exam To Get Admission To Top Design Colleges?

crack design entrance exam

Do you have a good knowledge of how fabrics and textiles, and interior design? Is your creativity a declaration of aesthetic style for your peers? Are you able to illustrate your original thoughts through your creativity? If you answered yes to all these questions, a career in fashion or interior design is one you can opt for. Beyond creativity and glitz, designing is really about creating a classic style that appeals to everyone. The biggest need in the design industry is to put up a new benchmark to keep the trend updated. It’s a growing professional path that requires the utmost dedication, knowledge, and skills to stay ahead of the design industry.

In order to work in this outstanding industry, you must first obtain a graduate degree, post-graduate degree, or certification course in design. Students who want to enroll in the National Institute of Fashion Technology or the National Institute of Design must pass the NIFT or NID exam. There are some institutes that provide admission entrance exam classes to help students take their talents to next level. For example, BRDS is providing coaching for NIFT Situation Test 2023, NID Dat Main 2023, and other admission entrance exams. If you are looking for more tips for getting reading for the entrance exams, we have jotted down some strategies to learn to successfully enroll in the top-notch design schools in India. 

To get admission to the National Institute of Fashion Technology, students need to crack the NIFT, which is a national-level test conducted in various NIFT exam centers across the nation. Go through this article to know the tips and tricks on how to prepare for NIFT 2023.

#1. Be Familiar With The Design Entrance Exam Pattern 2023!

To properly study for the entrance exam, students must be aware of the design entrance exam format. It is crucial for applicants to comprehend the types of questions that will be asked on the entrance exam. For example, if you are applying for CEED Admission 2023, you should learn the questions format and the challenging level of the exam by resolving questions from prior years. The Creativity Aptitude Test, CEED, UCEED, and the General Aptitude Test are the main components of the design admissions exam.

#2. Develop your drawing skills!

Sketching is a requirement for knowledge in the fashion or interior design industry. Your creativity and inventive thought are worthless if you are unable to put them on paper. Enroll in a sketching training program at BRDS and practice sketching every day.

Some key points to remember while doing sketches are: 

  • The figures must be correctly proportioned.
  • Your pencil mark should be precise, clean, and devoid of any traces of previous erasure.
  • Be imaginative and distinct since your ability to observe will show in your drawings.
  • Do not be concerned; drawing is not a one-hit-wonder; with practice and patience, you can improve your skills.

#3. Management Of Time!

When there is little time to answer the questions, one of the most important skills that can be developed is time management. You need to understand while solving the problems, you need to speed up the pace. Even when answering the questions on paper, you should be careful because rushing will compromise your accuracy. The best way to strike a balance between speed and precision is to practice. The more you practice, the faster and more accurate you can be.

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#4. Professionals For Advice!

There are certain things you should know before attempting CEED Admission. In such a case, you should get professional assistance. Professional assistance will help you to strive for your goal better. The entrance exam teacher will not only clear your topic confusion but also boost your confidence and keep you stress-free.

#5. Get The Syllabus Basics Right

If you are preparing for an entrance exam, having shaky skills will not be sufficient. You should have in-depth knowledge of every subject in the course syllabus. Formula learning can sometimes help, but competitive exams are primarily based on logic.

To perform well on the test, aspirants should concentrate on overcoming their areas of weakness while enhancing their areas of strength. 

The aforementioned are some tips suggested by the expert professionals of NIFT, NID, and other entrance exam guidance experts. So, if you are one of those who are preparing for the NIFT Situation Test 2023, or other CEED, take admission in the coaching classes like BRDS.