How to cook eggs in 6 ways


Egg is part of the daily food that we all like to add in our everyday recipes. Whether it is for the breakfast, the lunch or the dinner, egg is added to every meal of the day. Throughout the world, there can be many ways of cooking this super-food that is easy to prepare and healthy for everyone.

Soft boiled egg

It is a simple recipe that anyone can make every time. In fact, it is one of the simplest way you can cook an egg. In order to get a succulent meal, you should use fresh egg. For the preparation, you only need a pot.


As far as the preparation is concerned, you just have to cover the eggs with cold water in your pot. Cover it and oil the whole. You should contain the heat and let it in the fire 2 to 8 minutes. Don’t wait for it to freeze. Before serving it, make sure to crack off the end in order to take the soft boiled egg from the inside.

You can try this recipe within a sweet potato fritter breakfast sandwiches. You just have to top the sweet potato fritters with some bacon and a soft boiled egg.

Hard-boiled egg

In order to make hard-boiled egg, the cookware you need is a pot. As simple as the preparation of the soft boiled egg, its preparation requires only 2 to 8 minutes. Anyone can cook the egg this way as it requires any complex process.

To get hard-boiled eggs, you have to put the eggs within the pot and cover it with cold water. Bring it to boil and don’t forget to cover it. Once it(s done, you just have to crack the cover and serve it cold or warm, as you like.

Hard-boiled egg can accompany many daily recipes such as salads, sandwiches an egg salad breakfast. You can add creamy egg salad, crispy bacon but also arugula that you fill within a bagel.

Scrambled egg

Scrambled egg is another egg recipe that is easy to do. In order to achieve the recipe, you have the possibility to use fresh egg or frozen egg such as proposed in Igreca. The cookware that you need for the preparation is a simple nonstick skillet.

Begin by cracking the egg and pour it into a bowl. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper to it and cook it with melted butter. You can stir it slowly so that you can get large fluffy curds. Scrambled egg is a classical egg recipe that can be added to various plates.

For example, you can try it with southwest breakfast nachos, breakfast baked potatoes or also ham and sausage breakfast Stromboli. But scrambled egg can also be eaten by itself.

Over easy egg

With a skillet, you can cook over easy egg. It does not require any specific knowledge or skills in cooking. It is one of the classical way of cooking egg that almost everyone all over the world know. After cracking the egg, make sure to pour it into butter over medium heat. Cook it until the whites turn opaque. 1 minute cooking is enough for that.

Over easy egg can be eaten with a huge variety of food. You can add it to a ramen, to your burger or pour it in a salad.

Sunny side-up egg

The sunny-side up egg is another way of cooking the egg that looks like an over easy recipe but that is less cooked. In fact, in order to get a sunny side-up egg, you crack the egg into a skillet with butter. You only cook it for 4 minutes until the whites become opaque.

This is a perfect way of cooking egg that you can add to a crunchy, a salty waffle or a double stuffed beakfast potatoes.

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