SMILE vs Contoura Vision: Which one should I go for?

contoura vision

What Is SMILE?

Small incision Lenticule extraction, formerly known as Femtosecond Lenticule Extraction, is a laser surgery performed to correct myopia and astigmatism. It is an innovative form of refractive error surgery compared to contoura vision and can correct short-sightedness.

Advantages Of SMILE Eye Surgery

contoura vision

SMILE eye surgery is opted by many patients who want to go for pain-free surgery. It also promises to create less pressure on the eyes. It is the same as Lasik surgery for correcting short-sightedness without creating a corneal flap.

The SMILE surgery is performed within the cornea, and very few corneal nerves are affected during the procedure. The surgical procedure does not involve a large corneal flap. It also allows the cornea to have increased biomechanical stability after the entire procedure, unlike contoura vision.

There is no risk of an extra procedure to get an extra clarity vision that a patient expects without wearing glasses. The high amounts of myopia can be corrected just through this simple incision procedure. The best part about this surgery is that it hardly takes four minutes to complete.

What Is Contoura Vision?

Contoura Vision eye surgery is an advanced version of Lasik surgery that provides the benefits of getting rid of eyeglasses. Patients who have irregularities in the cornea tend to undergo this type of surgery. It is topography-guided laser surgery and works on the Visual Axis.

Advantages Of Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision gives more visual acuity and has good refractive results. In addition, it is wholly aided and clears the cornea. It also promises to improve the cornea’s curvature based on the eye’s visual axis. 

Through Contoura Vision, it is seen that most of the patients can see without their eyeglasses compared to getting any other eye surgery. In addition, patients undergoing this type of surgery tend to have a faster recovery rate and less tissue damage.

Comparison Between SMILE and Contoura Vision

There are several surgical options available in the market. The patient needs to consult their eye specialist to know which eye surgery is best for them. Keeping in mind the eye’s current condition, the specialist shall recommend the best option possible.

However, SMILE is the procedure opted by many patients for maximum precision and greater comfort. It is less invasive, flapless and 100% sterilized. Moreover, since it is blade-free and painless, the patients recover quickly and have better results. 

The Contoura Vision may sound like an improvised version of Lasik surgery that uses the excimer laser, but SMILE proves to be much more efficient by delivering quality results. Patients planning for an eyeglass-free life go for this type of treatment. 

The Bottom Line

Since many latest technologies are available, the patients need to consult an eye specialist before deciding on eye surgery. Eye surgery has become an easy take with the latest technology and infrastructure. Whether for SMILE or Contoura Vision, patients should have complete information about them. So, why keep waiting? Always choose SMILE once your doctor recommends the surgery. It is quite safe. 

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