How to Choose the Best Steampunk Corset

best steampunk corsets

The 5 best steampunk corsets available are Gothic, Red Light, Queen Victoria, Royal Victoria, and Steel Dragon. Gothic Metal boned Overbust Steampunk Corset: This is an overbust Corset made from heavy dark brown steel. It is laced up the front and back with metal ribs and a detachable belt. It has intricate details and a Gothic design. It comes with a daily buckle belt and black faux leather.

Queen Victoria Steel Dragon Corset: It is the best steampunk corsets that ever was. This one is boned from torso to thighs in red or gold shimmering satin. It is adorned with lace and has a detachable satin-like belt with gold trim.

Red Light Overbust Corset: It is another great overbust corset. This one is made from a thick satin material and has gold laces around the front. There are a detachable lace up front as well as back belt. It comes with a detachable satin waist belt. This best steampunk corsets has lace on the front of it, but not on the waistline.

Cotton Waist Trainer Corset: The best steampunk corsets have cotton waists with little bows on them. They come in all different colors, such as lavender and turquoise. There are some that have over-sized panties underneath them. These are usually pink, purple, and aqua.

Satin Steel Boned Corset: These steamer corsets have satin-like boned with steel bones covering the boning at the waist. The legs are detachable, so you can wear them on a regular basis as a sexy waist cincher. The fabric is silk, typically polyester. Some have detachable panties also. Some even have panties with the steel bones attached to them. They usually go up to mid thigh.

Nylon Corsets: These are just like the cotton and satin, except they are not made of cotton. They are made of nylon mesh. Like a mesh sweater. They are reminiscent of the Victorian era, and the steamer look was a part of the Victorian era. It will have detachable straps and boning in the front, but it may also have some lace.

Glamour Nylon Corsets: These are similar to the cotton and satin corsets in that they are all made of fabric, but they are coated in glitter or fabric paint. The glitter adds a nice shine. If you want a steampunk look but don’t want to be too feminine, this is the way to go. You may also find these with detachable straps. The fabric is usually a bit more on the heavy side, and they run a bit tighter than cotton and satin.

Lace and Detailing: Lacing is optional, but if you choose you can go with a long flowing skirt over the corset. Then attach little plastic bows behind your neck or waist, and add detailing like straps or ribbons at your bust. For a steampunk, Victorian inspired look, then you might want to use fabric with lace edging and sequins embroidering. Ribbons can be used to tie your bodice and skirt, and look beautiful when pulled back.

No matter what type of steampunk corset or bustier you choose, make sure it has plenty of detailing and lots of lace or glitter. This adds a wonderful personal touch to your outfit.

Strapless: Although these were mostly made for men, many women enjoy wearing a corset with no boning. This gives an illusion of a slimmer profile. Women who do not want a boned corset may find that these will fit their body better. Just be sure to purchase a corset with an appropriate amount of boning to prevent any serious health problems.

No boned: Steampunks for women also come in no boned styles. Many women prefer the idea of having no boning because they think it adds a sexy appeal. Some people refer to these as “boot cut” steampunk. A lot of men have actually requested that no boning be included on their steamer so that they can feel the full effect of the “alinings”.

Quality Steel Bones: The best steampunk corsets are made with high-quality steel bones. These bones provide added support and strength to the bust area. You’ll notice that a quality steel bone is heavier than other types of bones and is very smooth. It will help you achieve the slim silhouette you want while feeling more comfortable while getting your desired results.

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