Confused about How Much to Pay for India e-Visa?

India e-Visa

India, being a beautiful country due to its diversity, is the main attraction for foreign tourists worldwide. If you are also planning to enjoy the rich culture of the country, you can apply for Indian e-Visa in a quite simple manner. 

You can easily obtain an online Indian visa by uploading a few mandatory documents, filling up an online form and making an online payment for applicable visa fees.

Charges to be paid to obtain e-Visa

Indian e-Visa is divided into five different categories by the Government of India and Indian visa fees are different for each category. The fees of electronic visa depend on the country you belong to and the relevant visa you are applying for.

Following are the five categories visa is divided into: 

  1. e-Tourist Visa
  2. e-Business Visa
  3. e-Medical Visa
  4. e-Conference Visa
  5. e-Medical Attendant Visa

However, the Citizens of the neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan do not need a visa to work or stay in India. Moreover, there are some countries for which the visa facility of India is absolutely free of cost. Depending on the friendly relations of the country with India, the India Government has exempted the visa application fees for the following countries:

Marshall IslandsSeychelles
Cook IslandsNauru
Solomon IslandsPalau
Niue IslandPapua New Guinea
South AfricaSamoa

The foreign tourists whose solitary purpose is sight-seeing, casual meeting with family and friends, attending a wedding event or completing a short term course have to apply for an Indian e-Tourist visa. 

The fees of the Indian e-Tourist visa for the citizens of Japan for a one-month e-Tourist visa is US$10 and for one-year and five-year e-Tourist visa is US$25.

The fees to be paid by all the remaining eligible countries for the e-Tourist visa is as follows:

  • US$10 for one-month e-Tourist visa between April to June
  • US$25 for one-month e-Tourist visa between July to March
  • US$40 for one-year e-Tourist visa
  • US$80 for a five-year e-Tourist visa

Following is the fees for the other categories of Indian online visa:

  1. $25 for the citizens of Japan, Sri Lanka and Singapore.
  2. $100 for the citizens of Mozambique, United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Ukraine.
  3. $80 for all the other remaining countries like Australia, Germany, Canada, France and many more.

In addition, the applicant has to 2.5% on the applicable fees as bank transaction charges to attain your Indian e-Visa.

Processing Time for Indian e-Visa

The processing of Indian e-Visa is done by two different methods. One is normal processing, where Indian visa processing time is around 3-5 business days for obtaining the e-Visa via e-mail.

The other one is urgent processing in which it takes around 24-72 hours only after the complete payment is made. The applicants who are stuck in critical situations that cannot be avoided are eligible to apply for urgent processing. 

Note: There is an additional charge of $79 to avail the facility of urgent processing of the Indian visa.

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