How can I use the property portal to get free leads?

property portal to get free leads


Start your post with a compelling start to draw the reader in. Emphasize the property’s salient characteristics and distinctive selling propositions. Talk about the location and any noteworthy local features or landmarks.

Property Overview:

Provide a detailed description of the property, including its specifications, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and any special features like a garden, balcony, or parking space. Mention the property’s architectural style and design elements that make it stand out.

Location Highlights:

Discuss the advantages of the property’s location. Highlight nearby schools, hospitals, shopping centers, parks, and public transportation options. Emphasize the convenience and quality of life that the location offers to potential buyers or renters.


List and describe the amenities that come with the property. This could include modern kitchen appliances, central heating/cooling systems, security features, or any other amenities that make the property more attractive.


Include high-quality images of the property, showcasing its interior and exterior from various angles. 

Pricing and Terms:

Clearly outline the rental or sale terms. Specify the monthly rent or sale price, any security deposit required, and other relevant financial details. If there are any special offers or incentives, be sure to mention them.

Contact Information:

Provide contact details for interested parties to reach out for more information or to schedule a viewing. Include both phone numbers and email addresses to facilitate communication.


Wrap up your article by summarizing the key selling points of the property. Reiterate the benefits of living in the area and emphasize why this property is an excellent choice for potential buyers or renters.

Remember to tailor the information to suit the specific details of the property and the preferences of your target audience.

Free Post:

You can include as many properties as you post here for FREE, being sure to note all of the factors listed above. 

Existence of Every Facility Required

Punjabi builders have succeeded in creating neighbourhoods that provide you access to every amenity. You can purchase real estate near shops, hospitals, and other amenities if that’s what you want. This will assist you in lowering your regular travel expenses.

Additional Developmental Initiatives

The majority of builders in Punjab are working on brand-new projects right now. Buildings for workplaces, residences, and other institutions are among them. The best thing about this is that each of these locations will be close to the others. As a result, you ought to think about purchasing a home from a real estate firm as soon as possible. To discover the newest properties for sale, enter search terms like “property in Mohali.”

Why are rent agreements necessary for every landlord to rent out a property?

If you wish to rent out your house in this day and age, you must have a formal rental agreement. A formal lease gives the landlord vital proof that they are the property’s owner and that the occupant is only renting it out.

In the event that the renter offers a security deposit, a formal rental agreement is required. It serves as official documentation attesting to the payment of the security deposit, which is entirely refundable at the conclusion of the rental period. Conversely, if the landlord does not accept an advance as a security deposit, a formal rent agreement is essential. 

How long does a rental agreement typically last in India?

In India, residential rental agreements are typically for a period of 11 months. In order to get around rental control legislation, landlords typically choose an 11-month lease. Most Indian state governments passed rental control laws to shield tenants from unjust eviction and excessive landlord fees. On the Indian government website, you may find out more information about Rental Control Laws.