6 things to consider before hiring a wedding photographer

wedding photographer

When organizing a grand wedding, it becomes mandatory to get the services of a professional photographer. Without photography, these precious moments cannot be cherished and relived.

Some new photographers may be equally talented or skilled for taking some amazing photographs. However, the majority of new photographers cannot handle stress or perform complex tasks such as clicking pictures outdoors in the day time.

A lot of Instagram photographers may apply filters from software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. They usually use filters to hide any mistakes including poor lighting settings.

If you are planning a grand wedding and want it to be covered in the most professional way, then you must get a personal wedding  photographer. It is as tricky as finding the best tablet for Netflix to enjoy movies.

The way how you will look at your event depends a lot on their skills and experience. However, there aren’t any specific rules, regulations or licenses for professional photographers. This means that they are not liable to offer any guarantee regarding the final result of their photography.

For this reason, below are some useful tips and tricks to keep in mind when looking for wedding  photographer for any occasion or event:

Select the right area of expertise

The most significant thing that one needs to consider when hiring a photographer is his area of expertise. Photographers usually specialize in shooting fashion portfolios, wedding shoots, corporate events, portraits, etc. You could also find Instagram photographers for hire at affordable rates.

A photographer can be skilled in shooting in either natural or controlled lighting. All these things depend on your budget and the nature of your event.

If you are still unsure, then you can always get a personal photographer who is equally good at shooting both candid and formal pictures. You can always do some research beforehand by asking people around you for recommendations and reviews.

Quality photographers are not easy to find, especially when so many freelancers and part-time photographers are available online. This method is a no brainer. Still, a lot of people tend to skip this step to save time.

Search for any work profile available online

One of the most effective ways to choose a wedding photographer for your event is by looking at pictures of his previous events. You can either look at the photographer’s website or his Facebook or Instagram page.

Every photographer has his unique vision and perspective to shoot people, objects and emotions in pictures. You cannot force a photographer to change his photographic style for you.

Some photographers like to experiment with different props, angles and backdrops, while some prefer to maintain a more formal approach.

As mentioned earlier, you need to deeply look at the portfolios for choosing the right photographer for your event. If there are Instagram photographers for hire, carefully check their online portfolio and see if the style is according to your needs or not.

Be open and clear during interviews

The next step is of interviewing the chosen candidates. At this point, you can discuss all the necessary details such as their rates, experience, areas of interest, etc. Don’t be shy and let them know what exactly you want.

Instead of leaving everything on your photographer or controlling everything yourself, try to work as a team. This will help your photographer to understand your likes and dislikes regarding the photo shoot.

Plan a budget beforehand

In case you are looking for professional photographer to cover your bridal shower, engagement or any other pre wedding events, you need to follow similar rules mentioned above.

Be specific while choosing freelancers

If you don’t have a big budget, you can opt for a freelancer or a budding photographer. Make sure to discuss the following information to avoid any form of miscommunication.

  • Equipment and lighting to be used for shooting the portfolio.
  • Any past experience, training or internship
  • The exact turnaround for delivering the photos in both digital and printed format
  • A precise estimate of all expenses involved such as travelling, processing, etc.

Those photographers who don’t have enough relevant experience easily get distracted and are more likely to make mistakes.

Compare newbies and experts before deciding

If you want a more personalized and professional photo shoot, then try to select one who is skilled in choosing the best settings for taking perfect shots. You cannot expect the same amount of accuracy from newbies.

Skilled photographers don’t prefer extreme editing to improve the quality of their pictures. At times, it can be quite hard to tell if an image has been tweaked or not.

However, the faces and color saturation in the image tend to get messed up the most when heavily edited. Although editing can be quite helpful in some cases, especially if you want to hide certain portions of an image or enhance the overall quality of a great photo. A badly shot photo cannot be fixed no matter how much editing or filters you apply on it.

As a client, you should know the basic processes performed by a professional photographer in post-production such as digital imaging and color toning. In digital imaging, basic body parts are edited. Color toning involved adding makeup, and adjusting color balance, etc.

Discuss additional expenses beforehand

The total price of a photo-shoot varies from person to person. It depends on the nature of photography, total time duration, equipment required, travelling expenses, etc. Make sure to ask for any additional charges for editing, hardback photos, etc.

If you want to get high-quality pictures, then it is better to hire a professional wedding photographer instead of a newbie. You can negotiate if you are sure that the photographer is charging a heavy price. 

A lot of professional photographers also include additional services such as props, editing, styling, etc. You can ask your photographer to exclude these services if you are on a tight budget.

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