5 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Mover for your Business Relocation


Office relocation can be exciting and challenging at the same time. A recent Clutch survey reveals that moving to a new office space can positively affect 68% of your workforce. However, it can also disrupt business hours. 

Businesses typically relocate as a result of evolving needs or growth. More comfortable space, visually appealing interiors, and better location are some benefits of office relocation. However, with all these benefits also comes the biggest challenge of business relocation – disruption of business operations

From packing up equipment, inventory, and furniture to coordinating logistics, there’s a lot involved in moving a commercial space. All this may require you and your staff to indulge in numerous relocating tasks. This hinders their focus and productivity and may affect your day-to-day business functioning.

So, one of the main goals when moving to a new office space is not to disrupt business hours and impact employees’ productivity too much. 

That is why most organisations hire a moving company

Why hiring a mover for your business relocation is a necessity?

There are certain factors that make moving hard: 

Lack of resources. 

Relocating requires adequate resources, including both mechanical power and manpower. Packing numerous items, lifting and loading heavy office items, and subsequently unloading them requires expertise, a skilled team, and the right equipment. Delegating these responsibilities to unskilled labours will only cost you mentally and financially. 

Lack of time. 

Moving is a time-consuming job and may take up to a week to accomplish. As a business, you are bound by deadlines and other responsibilities. As such, allocating your precious time to plan and execute your office move doesn’t seem feasible. 

Risk of handling delicate items. 

Office relocation involves moving heavy and delicate items like furniture, expensive items, etc. Lack of experience and resources in handling such items can cause a lot of damage and loss. 

Luckily, you can achieve all these by hiring a professional moving company. This will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make as moving companies can be a great helping hand for office relocations. 

This post covers the top benefits of hiring a commercial mover for your business.

5 benefits of hiring a moving company 

Carefully planned services 

Hiring a moving company frees you from all the hassle of planning your office move. They are experts in their jobs and will plan the entire move thoroughly. They will discuss things like the timing, where and when packing and preparing items will be done, how much inventory the office space has, items to be moved, etc., with you. 

Based on the information collected, professional office removalists will determine various key moving requirements, including the ideal truck size, the right packaging materials, the number of movers required, etc., to accomplish your business relocation successfully.   

Further, they will ensure office suites, fragile items, expensive equipment, and bulky furniture are carefully packed and handled. This way, they guarantee a safe arrival at the new location. 

From offices and schools to warehouses and art galleries, they can smoothly relocate any type of commercial space. Additionally, their industry knowledge allows them to offer valuable guidance and suggestions to optimise the entire moving process.

Reduced disruptions to business operations

A commercial moving company can minimise disruptions to your everyday business conduct. Their team of professionals will adapt to your schedule and even work on weekends to complete the move while minimising any impact on your regular business hours. 

Throughout the process, they will maintain open communication with you. They will coordinate with you and your employees to facilitate a seamless transition. This enables your staff to concentrate on their core tasks, leaving the packing and moving responsibilities in capable hands. 

That’s how they alleviate your stress and allow you to ensure your business continues to run smoothly during the relocation. 

Minimise risk of damage or loss 

The safety of your belongings is another major concern when it comes to office relocation. Commercial movers understand this risk of damage and loss of valuable assets and take extra precautions to protect them. 

While small and delicate items are carefully boxed, appliances and furniture are secured using different methods to ensure they remain undamaged during transportation.

For instance, they use anti-static materials when packing electronics or sensitive medical equipment. Further, they also use specialised equipment like hand trucks and forklifts to lift and move heavy items safely. 

Fulfill storage needs 

Moving is not a one-day project, and it may take up to a week to completely move and settle into a new office space. Also, a moving project can sometimes get delayed due to unexpected causes, such as rain, vehicle failure, etc. 

In that case, a professional moving company will provide you with adequate storage facilities for safe and secure storage of your possessions. This way, you can rest assured that your office supplies and possessions are in safe hands, regardless of what caused the delay. 

Time and cost-effective 

As said, office relocation is time-consuming and takes away your attention from your core business responsibilities. Hiring a professional moving company allocate the heavy lifting and logistics to the experts, enabling you to focus on your business. 

They have an entire crew of professionals to pack, unpack, load, unload, and transport your office items in no time. Further, they have all the required tools to handle the entire move at their disposal. This eliminates the need for you to invest your time and money in expensive packaging supplies. 

Bonus: Friendly customer service

Professional moving companies are usually quite friendly and polite in their conduct. They value customer satisfaction and keep it at the forefront. Further, they will be open to communication allowing you to discuss your concerns or doubts without hesitation. 

Not only this, professional movers will always be ready to guide you with the right solutions to your office moving problems. 

Are you ready to hire a mover for your business relocation?  

Well, the above post makes it quite evident that office relocation is not as simple as it sounds and requires a great deal of planning and execution. To ensure a safe and efficient business relocation without hampering the day-to-day business operations, hiring professional movers can be beneficial. 

And now that you are aware of the benefits of hiring a moving company, plan your impending office move stress-free. Just look for a reliable moving company near you and get ready to enjoy a hassle-free, affordable and well-organised office moving.