Why Should You Hire Flutter Developer for Your App Development?

Flutter Developer

In today’s world, the success of a business largely depends on its digital presence, and having a mobile app is a crucial aspect of that. However, with the ever-growing number of mobile app development frameworks available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Enter Flutter – the open-source UI toolkit from Google that’s rapidly gaining popularity among developers and businesses alike.

According to a recent report by AppBrain, the number of Flutter apps in the Google Play Store has more than doubled in the last year, from 5,000 in 2020 to over 11,000 in 2021. This meteoric rise is a testament to the power and potential of Flutter as a mobile app development platform. According to Statista, Flutter is being used by as many as 42% of the entire populace of developers. This brings it to the top most used cross-platform developer in the entire world.

When you hire Flutter App developers you are assured of getting the best app development service for your business requirement. In this blog post, we’ll find out more about Flutter while exploring the various benefits of using Flutter and why it’s the right choice for your business. So, let’s get started!

Who uses Flutter?

Well, from the facts that we know, 42% of developers do. Flutter is a great platform to get started which is why it is the choice of a majority of tech developers. If given a choice, not only the developers, today even the entrepreneurs would prefer using Flutter over any other platform which is quite evident from the populace using it- nearly one-third of the developer’s population.

Now the question is, who is using Flutter in the real world? How do we get to know the impact of this platform? Well, we have listed a few companies who have used this platform for extensive app development for their business:

  • Google Pay
  • Alibaba Group
  • eBay
  • PUBG mobile
  • Google Classroom
  • Hamilton
  • Hookle

Business benefits of Flutter

As much as the platform instills a sense of freedom and creativity in the developer using it, Flutter is a great option for businesses trying to spread their arms. Flutter is known for its benefits to business owners for it renders the best features and performance in an app making it attractive and trouble-free use for end customers. Here is why your business needs an app developed using Flutter:

  • Cost-effective: Every entrepreneur building a business from scratch portrays a dream that just requires the right kind of choices to make it huge in the real world. The Flutter app development cost is not something you would need to worry about. Since it allows cross-platform development of apps, this one is highly cost-efficient and doesn’t make your pockets empty at the end of it. A native app development can cost you wonders while a cross-platform app that is built using one platform at all its stages curtails the cost to a great extent.
  • User-friendly: With amazing capabilities of faster reload rate, harming user interface, smooth scrolling, fascinating performance, and fool-proof security, Flutter gives your business an edge over others by snatching away those customers. Customers will happily pay off the amount you ask for an app that works as well as those developed on Flutter. Your business scales better when your customers are happy with the services, and Flutter ensures the standard is maintained.
  • Developer-Friendly: Flutter enables the developers to get done with all the development procedures in one place, write code only once and use it for different stages and multiple developments, leverage smooth plugins, and a lot more. The efforts to be put into the testing of the app are significantly reduced by this platform making the task of a developer a lot easier. The developers who are content with the efficiency of the platform that they are working on will give you the best end results-an efficient application for your business.
  • Feature rich: Flutter is loaded with features to choose from. This way, your business gets the customer retention it deserves and your customers bag the best experience while using an app. This one lets the business owner add as many attributes as are relevant and compatible with the user. Flutter has a huge variety of widgets and articles that can be included in the app making it interesting to use.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining a Flutter app is like a cakewalk for both developers and business owners. Modifying and changing characteristics of the app are smooth requiring minimum effort from the developer and the owner of the business app. The very famous ‘hot reload’ feature is what makes it stand out from the rest. It allows the developers to omit or edit any information in the app effortlessly.

Why is Flutter the best for app development?

The app development procedure is extensive and has a lot that goes behind it. While businesses might not be affected directly by the kind of platform or techs being used to develop an app, the efficiency of developers is impacted significantly. The technology used for the development of the app makes it what it is, when it is being looked at on a mobile phone in the hand of your end customer. Here is why Flutter is the answer to all those tech-related quests and issues:

Business Logic Components: The better the responsiveness of an app, the more the users fall for its ease of use. Customers do not wish to look at the data that needs to be run and analyzed behind the operations of the app, for this the BLoC is highly effective in keeping the user experience top-notch.

Code architecture:  The single code that goes behind bringing all the features of the app together on all kinds of platforms does not have a say in the way the app responds to the users. Flutter has the capability of carrying the complexity of ideas, the styling of those ideas of UI, and the integration of widgets to the app without hampering its performance.

Proven efficiency: Flutter has proven to be an efficient platform for several cross-platform developments. It provides robust development of the app with the ability to understand and document the code in a seamless manner. This means the app does not take weeks or months to be developed or even fixed if a problem occurs.

Supportive development environment for native apps: Cross-platform apps are often considered to be less efficient and low in performance than native apps. But this is not so true when it comes to the apps built using Flutter. Flutter makes the user experience lavish by providing an environment resembling a native app. The end users can hardly ever tell the difference because of the performance it renders in the app.

User interface: The only thing that is apparent to the end user of an app that can make or break an app and thus, the business of the app owner is the user interface. In this era of digitization, people look for perfection in apps. Apps are not limited to just providing a platform rather it has become aesthetic mediums enabling people to achieve their purpose. Thus, an appealing interface is in high demand and Flutter can fulfill this demand without any hassle.

Outstanding Flutter mobile app security: Flutter provides cutting-edge cyber-security capabilities. Thus it adheres to all the regulations of cyber-security and your enterprise app is also in safe hands with Flutter.

Closing Thoughts on hiring Flutter app developers to build your app

Flutter is a well-known cross-platform app development medium that has been rated as one of the most used platforms. It not only helps the developers with a seamless app development process but also renders amazing features in the app for better business growth.