Dress to Impress The Ultimate Plus Size Style Guide

Dress to Impress

Style and fashion are for everyone, no matter what size or type they are. Even if you are plus-sized, you can still look stylish and chic. With the right clothes and styling tips, you can be proud of your curves and rock any look. In this piece, we’ll talk about the most important things to think about if you’re a plus-size person who wants to look stylish.

By Babajem Fashion is an art form that allows individuals to express themselves in a unique and creative way.

How you dress a curvy body is one of the most important factors in how relaxed you feel in your clothes. Here are a few suggestions:

Accept Colors and Prints

People who are bigger than average no longer have to wear only dark colors and plain fabrics. Plus-size clothes now come in many different prints, colors, and designs. Don’t be afraid to try out styles and colors that stand out. But if you’re not sure about wearing prints from head to toe, you can start small by adding prints to your handbags and scarves.

Figure out your body type

This is a necessary step before moving on. Some of you might be thinking, “Of course it’s curved!” But we’re talking about apple, pear, and hourglass body shapes for plus-size women. Even among women who usually buy a size bigger, there are many different body types. By choosing clothes that are cut to fit your body type, you can draw attention to your best features and hide your flaws. Apple shapes have a wider top than pear shapes, which have a wider bottom. Inverted triangles have shoulders that are wider than their hips. Hourglass shapes have a healthy upper and lower body. The body of a rectangle is straight, and there is no stomach. Once you know what your body type is, you can pick clothes that make your curves look good.

Don’t worry about what the size tag says

Don’t worry about whether or not the clothes fit; instead, think about how well they look on you. Even though that number may seem important, it’s important to remember that different brands and designers may use slightly different measurements to figure out what each size truly includes. There isn’t one answer that works for everyone. If you know what size shirt you usually wear but it still doesn’t fit, try going up or down a size. One way to deal with this is to see yourself in different shapes, each of which fits a different label.

Getting rid of a problem by making it bigger isn’t the answer

Don’t try to hide your name by wearing clothes that are too big or too loose. Get dressed right. Maybe you feel like you can only feel “covered” when your clothes are big and open. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that hiding your body in baggy clothes out of modesty, fear, or pain is the only way to look good. If you want to look your best, you should figure out your body type (see the first tip!) and then choose a style of clothes that looks good on and fits your body type.

Bras and underwear that fit

Make sure your bra and underwear are the right size. This could be the most important thing you learn from the piece as a whole. Even though the comment was true for everyone, it still became a common piece of advice. If you’re not sure if the bra you’re wearing is right for you, look for a store that sells similar bras in your size and style of choice.

Neither too big nor too small

Find the right balance between too big and too small! Not only do clothes that are too small make you look bad to yourself, but they also make everyone else around you look bad as well. We’ve talked about the risks of wearing clothes that are too big, but it’s just as important not to wear clothes that are too tiny. If you have what it takes, you will do well. Also, the size of your clothes is very important.


If you are plus size and want to look stylish, you need to know your body shape, buy good shapewear, embrace prints and colors, choose the right fabrics, wear clothes that fit you well, and add statement accessories.


This article provides fashion advice for plus-sized people, including how to embrace colors and prints, determine body type, wear clothes that fit, and pick the appropriate undergarments. It highlights how crucial it is to have self-assurance and feel at ease in your own skin.