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Higher education in the United States is the key to a successful career and a promising future. Russian applicants are increasingly choosing American universities for study. Universities and colleges in the United States are famous for their name, prestige and quality of education. Many of them are included in the top world rankings. So, according to the QS World University Rankings, the first 4 places are occupied by the universities of the United States, such as: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford and Harvard Universities, and California Institute of Technology.

The American Diploma is appreciated by employers around the world. In addition, already at the stage of training, students of higher educational institutions in the United States can establish business ties with the largest American companies.

The higher education system in the United States

From a theoretical point of view, the higher education system in the United States and Russia is not much different. In the United States, there is a three-stage training system:

  • bachelor degree
  • magistracy
  • doctorate (postgraduate study)

This system has also begun to be actively implemented in Russia since the early 2000s. A student of an American university who graduated from a bachelor’s degree is a sought-after specialist with an education that is recognized as higher. In Russia, the situation is different in that employers still have stereotypes about the “inferior” education of a person who graduated from the bachelor’s degree, despite the fact that all over the world a bachelor’s degree is a document confirming a full and complete education.
In the United States, a person who graduated from a bachelor’s degree can apply for a job in their specialty.
Master’s degree is the next step in training, which is often necessary to change specialization or deepen into the acquired specialty.
Postgraduate studies (doctoral studies) exist for the possibility of teaching and conducting scientific research.

Duration of study: 4 years.
Cost: from $ 16,000.

Enroll in a bachelor’s

To enroll in a bachelor’s program at an American university, you must graduate from high school and have a certificate of complete secondary education (including from a Russian school).
Also, in most universities, you must pass the SAT or ACT exam for admission. The choice of test is determined by the requirements of the university that the applicant has chosen.
There are several variations of this test. Most often they are drawn up as a list of multiple choice questions. These exams are taken for a fee in specialized centers.

To study at an American university, of course, you must have a good command of English, therefore, upon admission to a university, language proficiency test results (IELTS or TOEFL) may be required.
Training usually lasts 4 years, and the specialty you like can be chosen not immediately, but after 1 or 2 courses.

Higher education in the United States

Higher education in the United States is different in that there are no rigid standards for specialization; The student’s curriculum consists of a list of compulsory subjects and elective subjects, which the student himself determines. In American universities, they study according to an individual plan, to which there is one of the most important requirements: the student must collect a certain number of hours (credits) of lectures and seminars to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

course Duration of study: 1-2 years.
Cost: from $ 20,000.

Only a student with a bachelor’s degree can enter the magistracy. The process of studying for a master’s degree in the United States is more difficult than for a bachelor’s degree. At this stage, the student studies most of the material on his own, and also prepares large-scale individual projects.

Master’s programs are divided into two types: academic and professional. The Academic Master’s degree is suitable for those students who are planning further studies in doctoral studies and are also interested in scientific research. Students in the Professional Master’s program gain more practical experience in their chosen field through a large number of internships and practical training.

Doctorate (postgraduate study)
Duration of study : 4-6 years.
Cost : from $ 30,000.

The next stage of higher education in the United States is necessary for those who plan to engage in scientific activities. Much research in the United States is conducted on the basis of universities, so all conditions have been created for students here: laboratories, research centers, databases. After completing doctoral studies, the graduate is awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) or Doctor of Science (Sc. D).

Differences between colleges and universities

Higher education in the United States can be obtained both at the university and at the college. What is their main difference? The college only offers undergraduate programs. The university has all three scientific levels (bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral studies). Most often, colleges are private and offer a specific focus, for example, technical or humanitarian.

US public and private universities

According to the method of funding, US universities are divided into private and public. Private universities are sponsored solely by paying for the tuition of their students. Public universities are funded in part by the government renew 2 year green card, or most often by the state in which they are located. The main goal of the state government is to educate the residents of its region. For foreign applicants and applicants living in other states, the competition and the cost of training are much higher.
It should be noted that a private university diploma is not always more prestigious. For example, the world famous Michigan and California universities occupy high positions in the world rankings of universities, but are partially funded by the authorities and are not private. They are also popular with Americans and international students.

Grants and scholarships in US universities

Prospective students can save or partially offset their tuition fees, for example:
Scholarships and grants for which there are very different requirements and opportunities. For example, for outstanding academic performance or sports, regardless of whether the student is a foreigner or not.
Sponsorship. Many companies willingly pay for the training of future promising employees with the required qualifications. You can find information about such companies on their official websites or on the university website.
Targeted loan for education. This option is only available to US citizens. The graduate returns the money after graduation.

How to stay in the US after studying?

There is a rather complicated scheme for immigration to the United States after training: while studying, you should be in the country with a student visa (J-1 or F-1), and after graduation, you should get an H1-B work visa if you find an employer. , who is ready to issue and pay all fees and documents for a visa. After that, the immigrant can apply for a Green Card, but there is no one hundred percent guarantee of obtaining a residence permit in this case.

You can also immigrate to the United States before admission. In this case, there is a chance to significantly reduce the cost of education for the child.
For immigration to the United States with the whole family, the EB-5 investment program is suitable . This program allows you to obtain a residence permit for an investor and his family, when investing from $ 500 thousand in a new project in the United States. The amount quite large, but with the right choice of specialists, the return on investment is carried out in 5-7 years. And you also get the opportunity to obtain citizenship in the future . The EB-5 program is one of the most popular investment programs in the world, with over 9000 applicants approved annually.

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