Job Market For Students in 2021

Job Market For Students 2021

The job prospects for students in 2021 are better than the majority of students assume. In the next five years, the opportunities for academics in the job market will even increase. These are the results of the Research study “naukri 24 pk″, which annually surveys thousands of companies across industries on this topic. The companies involved in the study alone offered more than 23,000 jobs for academics in 2021.

Which degrees have the best chance?

After the rather cautious year 2021, employers’ assessment of the need for skilled workers for 2021 and the coming years is much more optimistic. This applies to all industries, whereby IT specialists and engineers are among the most sought-after career starters in the long term. In general: the higher the educational qualification, the better the chances. 86% of employers prefer a master’s degree, 82% are primarily interested in a university diploma. At the bottom of the list in favor of companies in the Bachelor’s degree (38%). The starting salaries for Bachelor graduates are approx. 14% below the Master’s salaries. Foreign language skills increase the applicant’s attractiveness.

What are the general conditions for getting started?

Social media now plays an important role in recruiting for most companies, and this importance is constantly growing. Having your own career website and a meaningful presence on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram are “good forms” of graduates. Almost every company offers direct entry, but also job offers for trainees. The consulting industry is particularly looking for a variety of graduate degrees: Economists, engineers, natural scientists, and lawyers are at the top of the wish list.

Compared to 2021, the starting salaries have risen across all sectors. The top entrants are still lawyers and corporate lawyers, who can mostly expect starting salaries of 60,000 pkr and even more in some practices. The average level for economists, engineers, or IT specialists is also quite high at over 40,000 pkr. Another great addition in the job market is the digital marketing specialist. They are in the same bracket of lawyers and other professionals. 

Which qualifications dominate the job market?

Two-thirds of all companies are looking for economists, with this top figure resulting from the need in all industries. The IT sector is showing extreme growth rates, which as a specialist branch already accounts for 61% of job advertisements. Engineers remain stable over 50%, natural scientists and lawyers are wanted for about a third. The social sciences and humanities traditionally rank at the end of the scale, without which, however, a downward trend would be discernible.

Part Time Job Opportunities

There are many part-time jobs for students that do not require you to set a strict schedule. These types of part-time jobs can provide you with enough money to cover your expenses while you attend college. With so much competition for jobs available, you are in great advantage if you are looking to work during the off-season. The summer months are a great time to find good weekend jobs for students without investment.

There are also some full time job opportunities but for that you need a specific skill set and degree. 

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