High-End Fashion And Why It Is So Expensive

High-End Fashion

Fashion and clothing are two very separate items. Clothing is something that is used to cover the body and protect it from weather and dirt, fashion is an expression of one’s thoughts without the use of language or gestures. Clothing is just basic and has no other sections, fashion, on the other hand, can be divided into two main sections regular fashion, and high-end designer fashion. These two sections vary a lot in terms of quality, design, and pricing. One is better and obviously more expensive than the other one. 

This divide of fashion has been the case for centuries and can be dated back to the stone ages when people lived in cages, at that time there were no proper clothes, no sense of design or art but still the leader of a tribe got to wear the biggest leaves that were sometimes adorned with flowers or twigs, later when these tribes started to learn how to hunt and start fires the leaders go to wear the skin of animals. In medieval times, wealthy and powerful people got to wear clothes made out of the skin of exotic and dangerous animals such as bears and wolves while the common people wore normal clothes made out of cotton. In Egyptian times, wealthy and powerful people got to wear adornments made of precious metals such as gold and silver and in the modern age, those bearskins and gold adornments have been converted into high end and luxury fashion brands that cost astronomical prices in the name of fashion, to validate the price of these costly articles of clothing designers are always trying to add new and exquisite designs sometimes even calling back to the days of the past and adorning their dresses in embellishments made of precious stones or precious metals. 

The idea of the powerful and wealthy getting the best things to wear is not about having to wear the most expensive fabrics or accessorizing their clothes with precious metals and stones. The thing that raises the price of these clothes is the feeling of exclusivity, knocking that the clothes you’re wearing are one of a kind. That is the key factor that raises or lowers the price of these clothes. The most expensive clothes are the ones that are one of a kind, tailor-made for one person and customized to the very end according to the liking of the person buying that article of clothing. 

Most people don’t have the need to own these sorts of clothes, the only time people like you and me will ever get a custom made suit would be for a very special occasion but other than that most people don’t have the resources to afford such luxuries for more than once. Most people just go to a retail store and buy the clothes that they like. There are hundreds of thousands of brands that make great everyday wearable clothes that are available at reasonable prices, brands such as Diners are a great example of a brand that provides all sorts of clothes from kids to adults at a reasonable price. Most people just buy clothes from regular stores and don’t really care about the exclusivity or the luxury part. We just want clothes that we can wear on a regular basis without having to spend an insane amount of money. Most of us have normal lives and we don’t earn enough to blow our whole savings account on a shirt made of silk.

Clothes will always be something that all of us need and most of us will always have a desire of owning luxury designer pieces and who knows maybe we even might cop of pair or two of some high-end designer clothes but until that day comes most of us will be buying clothes for ourselves from regular retail stores till we go from the Kids Collection to the men’s collection.

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