Factors That Will Affect the Hair Transplant Cost In The US

know the hair transplant cost in new york

The price of a hair transplant can vary a lot. While you can get it for $1,500 on one side of the globe, it can go up to $25,000 in other regions of the world. Explaining the price difference between the hair transplant procedures is difficult to define since many factors come into play when calculating the overall cost. If you want to know the hair transplant cost in New York, this post will help you understand the key elements that will affect the hair transplant cost estimate in the US.


The primary variable is the country or location, which heavily influences the cost of the hair transplant procedure. The cost of running a hair transplant clinic differs in various regions due to the difference in facility costs, wages, supply costs, and equipment. When it comes to different countries, the exchange rate and the valuation of the local currency also play a crucial role. So it would be best to know the hair transplant cost in New York in various locations and clinics across the city before you undergo hair transplant surgery.


Another important element that affects the hair transplant cost estimate is the technique used for hair transplant surgery. There are two types of basic hair transplant techniques, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). In the former, a strip of hair tissue is removed from your scalp to harvest the donor hairs from it. While in the latter procedure, the surgeon harvests individual hair follicles directly from the donor area. This technique requires more precision, effort, and time to produce optimal results. Hence, FUE can be more expensive than the FUT procedure.

Graft Count

Though the graft count does not affect the per graft cost of the hair transplant procedure, it does influence the total cost. The average number of transplanted hair during a hair transplant procedure is roughly 2000. Hence, most clinics base their pricing on this number, which is usually enough to treat most pattern baldness cases. 

Additional Services

Hair transplant clinics offer several additional services that can alter the price of your surgery. While some of the services may include the use of new technologies in hair transplantation, others may be just some luxury services. Some of the most common additional services include surgical procedures with Robotic FUE, direct hair implantation (DHI), local sedation by Dermojet, needleless anesthesia, full sedation by an anesthesiologist, hotel accommodation, and transportation.

Some clinics offer complete packages with the best services included. But others provide only the basics and charge extra for additional services. Therefore, communicate clearly about the services with the hair transplant clinic. This should be done before you start your hair restoration journey.

Number Of Surgeries

This is one of the least discussed elements that affect the cost of hair transplant surgeries. Latest statistics have shown at least 30% of patients require multiple surgeries to achieve the desired results. Most people tend to ignore the price of a second surgery when adding up the costs of a hair transplant. But this is one thing that should not be skipped. 

How Long Do The Transplants Last?

Ideally, a hair transplant should last forever. This is because the donor hair extracted from the safe area of your scalp is immune to balding. Most people require a second surgery because the first one was unsuccessful. This means that the implanted grafts did not survive the first -9 months. Such failures are caused due to many reasons. However, the main reason is poor clinic practices or insufficient aftercare for your hair.

Either way, you must proceed with a hair transplant treatment only if the clinic and the sturgeon are reliable, knowledgeable, and credible. The few dollars you spend on a good clinic will save you much more on a second transplant. Remember that a second hair transplant can almost double your costs.

Why Should You Avoid Cheap Clinics?

The hair transplant clinics that may seem affordable can have many serious flaws. Incompetent staff, unqualified surgeons, substandard clinic practices, poor hygiene, and cheap equipment can lead to serious post-surgical complications. A poorly done hair transplant procedure leads to poor hair growth, unnatural hairline, extreme shedding, and severe damage to the donor area. All this can further add to your hair transplant cost. Unqualified surgeons may not be experienced enough to design an aesthetically pleasing hairline, thus giving an unnatural look.

The Bottom Line

These are the various crucial factors that affect the cost of hair transplants. So make sure you consider these in your cost estimations and have a detailed discussion about the price with the hair transplant clinic you wish to have your procedure done. See to it that the clinic informs you about all the costs beforehand so there are no surprises later. The best ones will provide you with a detailed spending list that will include everything.