A complete Guide on Sperm Freezing-Process, Cost, and more

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Sperm freezing, also called sperm banking or cryopreservation, has carved the way for many individuals and couples to effectively enhance their fertility. Future parenthood is a growing issue for many individuals and in all these cases, sperm freezing becomes an imperative solution. Whether for personal or medical reasons, the benefits and process of sperm freezing are what we have discussed in the given article. Read below to get more information on sperm freezing and more.

What is Sperm Freezing or Cryopreservation?

Sperm Banking is a process in which the sperm is collected, frozen, and stored in a special healthcare facility known as a sperm bank. The sperm cells are reproductive cells in men and the testes(testicles) produce sperm. When ejaculation happens during orgasm, approximately 300 million sperm cells are released in the semen. Semen is the whitish-gray fluid that releases from the penis during orgasm. 

What is the process of Sperm Freezing?

Sperm Freezing or cryopreservation is a technique that is designed to preserve and then store the sperm cells in a sperm bank for future usage. In this procedure, sperm is stored in liquid nitrogen at 196 degrees Celsius for many years with good quality. Sperm banks also specialize in collecting and storing donor sperm as well. Frozen sperms are used in the IVF procedure, Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Why is Sperm freezing required?

Usually, people choose to freeze their sperm for several reasons, depending upon their circumstances and desires. Below are mentioned some of the reasons for sperm freezing and these are as follows-

  • Health conditions such as Cancer- Individuals having cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy as per the doctor’s prescription might opt for sperm freezing to protect their fertility. These treatments can have a significant impact on sperm production and quality. Thus, affecting the future of fertility of the individual. By freezing the sperm they can preserve the possibility of biological parenthood after the cancer treatment. 
  • Vasectomy- Some individuals undergo a vasectomy as a form of permanent contraception as life is unpredictable and situations might change. Sperm freezing helps individuals to have a backup plan if they ever decide to become a parent in the future. 
  • Age-related Reasons- As people get older the quality and quantity of sperm can deplete significantly. Freezing sperm at a young age makes sure that even if fertility decreases in the future, individuals have access to sperm to increase their chances of conception. 
  • Posthumous Sperm Retrieval- In some cases, many individuals might wish to conserve the sperm after death. This choice is made when someone faces a very serious illness or faces the possibility of dying prematurely. This offers the opportunity for the genetic material to get used for reproductive purposes after that person’s passing, thus granting a sense of continuity. 

Where Do You Freeze Your Sperm?

Sperm Freezing is performed at specialized fertility clinics or any reproductive health centers. If you are wondering what is the best sperm-freezing clinic near me, then the answer is Benison IVF and Healthcare Centre. The clinic has some of the best facilities and has the necessary expertise and equipment that is needed to handle and store sperm samples quite safely. It is therefore essential to choose a reputable and well-known clinic with a history of success and a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality. 

How Long Can Sperm Get Frozen?

With the correct kind of cryopreservation and advanced tech-based storage, sperm can remain viable for many decades. Also, certain regulations and policies of the facility are necessary for the sperm to be stored. Therefore, it is always a good idea to opt for the best center for sperm freezing as per your affordability and convenience. 

What is the Cost of Sperm Freezing?

The sperm freezing cost in India varies from one center to another depending upon various factors. The factor includes location, the reputation of the clinic, and some additional services provided by the center. The sperm freezing cost in India ranges from Rs 10,000 to more. There can be some additional charges such as the cost of sperm storage, which might range from a thousand to 4000 rupees annually. Therefore, visit some of the clinics and assess the cost as per your convenience and technology in your area. 

What are the Benefits of Freezing Sperms?

By opting for sperm freezing, people can still have an option for conceiving biological children in the future. Thus, giving the parents a sense of credibility and peace regarding their choices. The freezing of the sperm process has several other benefits and these are as follows-

  • Fertility Preservation- when individuals are facing any sort of medical issues sperm freezing provides them with the opportunity to safeguard their fertility. If in case some of the individuals might threaten their sperm quality or availability. 
  • Reproductive Choices- this grants individuals the freedom to make necessary decisions regarding family planning, ensuring they have the option of conceiving biological children later on in life. 
  • Mind Peace- there is a sense of credibility and happiness for the fact that you are becoming parents of your biological children. This satisfies the individuals who have in the past safeguarded their sperm through freezing. As circumstances might change, biological children won’t.

When Should You Start Banking Your Sperms?

If you have a serious illness then you must strive for sperm banking as soon as possible. It is a good idea to first talk to your healthcare provider about banking your sperm before initiating any treatment. The sperm banking is safe as it collects sperm samples during the first week of chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Chemotherapy and radiation are strong enough to damage the genetic material in developing sperm, but your mature sperm are resistant to damage.   


Sperm Freezing is one of the most popular techniques in safeguarding your fertility for the future. As life is unpredictable and situations are changeable it is good to work in advance so that in the future your legacy can be preserved. Benison IVF Centre offers sperm freezing as an option for all those males who are eager to preserve their sperm for future fertility. For more information, you can directly connect with us via our website or contact number.