5 Star Geysers That Offer Great Performance And Consume Minimum Energy

5 star geysers

With the onset of winters in most of India, the need for 5 star geysers and water heaters is rapidly rising. Whether it is for taking a bath, performing morning ablutions or doing the dishes, geysers are of great help to provide hot water to beat the cold. However, there is always the associated concern of high power consumption leading to higher power bills. 

Modern-day geysers have evolved in their core technology and provide several advanced features to the users. They are also built to consume less energy than their predecessors. The star rating of an appliance is a depiction of its energy efficiency. 

5-star is the highest rating which translates to a highly efficient device. In the case of geysers, it means you can get hot water faster with less consumption of electricity. If you are looking to buy a 5-star geyser online, here is a helpful list of some of the most popular models available in the market.

AO Smith Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater

The AO Smith Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater has a strong frame made of stainless steel with a combination copper alloy internal tank. This protects it from corrosion and increases its life span. The copper heating element of 2000 watts and copper wiring ensure safe operation and quick, uniform water heating. 

The advanced PUF (Poly-urethane-foam) injection ensures the uniform distribution of high-density foam. This is important to minimize the standing loss of the heater, and that heat from the water is not reduced easily. The 25-litre capacity makes it perfect for medium-sized families.

Crompton Arno Neo 25-litres 5 Star-Rated Water Heater

The Crompton Arno Neo geyser is elegant and efficient. It comes with an 8-bar pressure rating which is helpful for those with poor source water pressure. This attribute makes it a popular choice among those buyers who live in high-rise apartments. 

The outer body is made of a durable metallic sheet that is coated with industrial powder, while the storage tank is made of sturdy Nano Bond Polymer technology which ensures safety and longevity. It also has a safety valve that can automatically release the pressure generated due to heat in case it ever overshoots the pre-defined limits. 

Usha Misty 15-litres 5 Star Storage Water Heater

Each year, thousands of customers buy the latest Usha geysers. The popularity of Usha geysers, including this particular model, is due to their efficient performance and safe operations. The use of high-quality PUF insulation ensures that the heat of the water is retained even while not in use. The copper heating element makes this geyser very safe for use. 

Even if you forget to turn it off in time, the inbuilt auto-cutoff will ensure that the heating element or the electrical wiring remains undamaged. This model comes with a 15-litre tank fit for use by a family of 2-3 members. You can also check out several other models of Usha geysers online with larger tank capacities.  

Racold Eterno Pro 25 Litres Vertical 5 Star Water Heater

The futuristic design of the Racold Eterno Pro geyser will add style to your bathroom. It comes with a Smart Bath Logic feature, which can keep the water hot and ready at your preset temperature. This means that you can wake up each morning to have your desired water temperature ready for use. 

This geyser has a unique technology of polymer protective coating in the inner tank which resists corrosion from hard water, making it last for several years. The power efficiency technology claims to save upto 40% power, thus providing significant savings in your monthly electricity bill.

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