Reasons to Choosing Custom CMS over WordPress

What is Custom CMS?

General CMS development requires experienced professionals with advanced technical skills, making such improvements costly.

CMS is a software backend system that helps manage the content websites, workflow and collaboration online. A custom CMS is a customized solution for making, storing, and publishing digital content. Custom CMS website is developed to clarify the production and publication, helping less technically minded users to create and publish without having to know a lot about web programming. Instead of creating your own system for creating web pages, the custom CMS handles all the basic infrastructure for a user, so he can focus on further processing of the website. Custom CMS basically involves publishing, editing, modifying, organizing and deleting content from the central interface.

cms over wordpress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is free. However, hosting, domain registration, required plugins, and themes are provided at a cost.

WordPress is an open source software. It is free to download, install, use and repair. You can utilize it to make any type of website. It is also open source which means software source code is available for anyone to read, edit and play with. To use WordPress, all you need is a domain.

WordPress has about a third of the world’s websites. With devices for everyone from personal bloggers to large companies, this significant site builder and content management system (CMS) aims to make it possible for anyone to make an online presence in minutes. The WordPress platform is flexible, and always free to use.

Purposes of CMS and WordPress:

       Custom  CMS              WordPress
 Ø Content creation and contributionØ Content management and administrationØ Content publishing and serving  Ø WordPress so appealing to bloggersØ Appealing for online publishersØ It offers information and tutorials 

Causes why Should Select Custom CMS over WordPress:

1) Opportunities for Customization

Above all, the custom CMS development allows you to build a forum with your specific specifications. Other methods like WordPress offer plugins that want to help individual businesses meet their needs, but these plugins only add limited functionality to the normal environment.

The absence of WordPress makes sense about 60% of websites make use of it as their content operation software. But this ubiquitous presence makes it difficult to build a platform that will fit your web, content, and marketing needs.

2) Client Input:

Using the WordPress CMS website is a simple process: take an existing forum, try to make limited changes to your digital strategy, and run with it. Custom CMS, on the other hand, allows for more specific input. You work with your web developer from the beginning, setting up your platform needs. Then, take part in testing the CMS to make sure it meets all the requirements, with plenty of built-in feedback. When you use a custom CMS, you are more involved in the whole process of creating and implementing.

3) Website Speed:

Because WordPress needs to work for millions of websites worldwide, its basic code often overrides the glamorous features your particular website will never reach. That, in turn, reduces the loading speed of your site, which is important for both your user experience and SEO efforts. According to KissMetrics, slower loading times cost e-commerce sellers billions of dollars each year. Fortunately, going with a custom CMS can help you escape falling into that problem. Because the website code covers only the parts that each site needs to function and be successful, it will depend largely on speeding up your loading times.

4) Security:

WordPress is open source, which means everyone has access to its code. That’s great for shopping, but not nearly as profitable when it comes to safety. New attacks and vulnerabilities in WordPress are constantly occurring, putting your site at constant risk simply because it operates on the same basic code. But, as established above, custom CMS does not. Its code is designed from scratch, leaving you vulnerable to attacks that may be unintentional to you. And thanks to its customization, you can talk to your engineer about adding extra safety precautions as needed.

5) Support:

With such great work, WordPress provides incredibly good customer support. But in the end, it’s still the same – the inhuman information base that will put you on a par with other countless website owners who need help. On the other hand, a custom CMS comes with a development mate, who’ll be an expert in every field. That means you can access it whenever a problem arises, and fix it very quickly – usually within 24 hours. In a word, a custom CMS provides a variety of important benefits as compared to other pre-built ones like WordPress. But remember that at the end of the day it is about choosing the right option for your business.

6) Cost Effective:

WordPress is an open-source CMS and completely free to use, so far you still have to pay for the hosting and domain registration. Furthermore, Plugins and paid themes can add extra cost, hence the overall cost depends on the functionality you want.

With high-speed CMS you can have absolutely what you’ve wished for. But, to build a custom planted solution from scrape will cost considerably more than the WordPress Web Solutions. The custom CMS development needs experienced professionals with advanced skill-set, hence you can get it done within the time period, effectively and efficiently. When it matters to investments, you want to decide on the basis of how much you need to invest in terms of time and money.

7) Flexibility:

If so, you want to use third-party commenting services on your website, or you are considering using a cloud content delivery network (Cloud CDN) to reduce download time, WordPress CMS is a great option. With WordPress, you can easily find all kinds of tutorials and plugins on how to use everything within minutes.

Unlike WordPress, if you choose a custom CMS, you are not bound by the choice of plugins available in the market. In fact, you can create your own and the way you think. In addition, you will no longer be locked in the template on both sides: front and rear. Although it will take a lot of time and resources to get more information, you will have the desired functionality that matches the specific needs of the business.

Major difference in custom CMS and WordPress

        Custom CMS             WordPress
 .  Performance is tailored to specific content management requirements.  Ability to use custom plugins and tools.  Intuitive UI.  There are no overlay features or tools.  High data security due to improvements from the start and the ability to use custom security features.  CMS is managed by a dedicated support team within a few hours .  Performance can be extended due to the use of third-party plugins.  Wide selection of third-party plugins and themes that are easy to integrate.  Limited options for customization. Less training is required.  A large community of engineers and users with many resources and training.  Many WordPress plugins and third-party services have security features and bugs. There may be delays in support provided by WordPress

Custom Content Management System Feature:

Security and Verification:

Custom CMS assures authenticity in its specification as it comes with complete sets of cover such as advanced authentication, strong permissions, walls of cover and protection against malware attacks. This type of guard is important to cover your business from cyber-attacks, and these attacks are not only undisciplined but also costly.


Custom CMS not only has diversity and an easy approach to content creation but also saves content. Holds content in one place in a consistent way.


Content draft updates are also available before publication. That creates more accuracy of the content. It also is involved in content publishing. Edits and pushes live content. It is an excellent feature of the content management system as it allows for quick one-click publishing that builds creator confidence. This feature helps users to utilize the template and the set template the organization allows for content creation and editing.

Format Management:

This boosts in format management, which allows to convert a scanned paper document and an electronic benefit document into HTML.


Features like intuition, indexing, search retrieval is also available with a custom CMS that identifies all data for easy access to the function and enables users to search for attributes such as publish dates, keywords and authors. CMS is easy to use for users and allows employees to quickly reuse branded features like images, designs etc.

Evaluation of Test:

To carry your international team in its local product development in new markets, it is important to estimate their results and take action based on their feedback. For this reason a custom CMS has the capacity to test content.

Multiple languages ​​and multiple channels:

Custom CMS also supports multilingual and channel delivery. Helping local announcers run local businesses on their local channels.

Easy to Use for Non-Technology Users:

One of the great advantages of custom CMS is that it allows non-expert users to create functional pages and content, without having to know programming languages ​​and web developers.


Both solutions have their advantages as the most popular Custom Content Management System. The team of a website development company with knowledge and Technologies says that custom CMS usually requires in-house web developers dedicated to a single web development, which makes this idea make sense. Besides, for many businesses, WordPress is an excellent solution. Well-designed and well-designed WordPress websites look good, work well, and cost less than websites built with a custom CMS. Ultimately, it depends entirely on your needs and business objectives. Whatever choice you make, our dedicated web developers will assist you in developing and implementing your CMS with all available options.

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