5 Helpful Ways To Get Discovered As A Creative

discovered as creative

You can make a living as a creative, as long as you know how to showcase your work and reach out to your target market. The first step is to organize your best work and implement an effective strategy on how to get discovered. Read on for more practical tips from Digital Marketing Material.

1. Network With the Right People

Friends and family members are like your hot leads — they can support you by buying your products or by providing you with referrals. If you have Instagram and Facebook pages, ask your friends and family to like or share them. You can also invite other people to like your pages by hosting contests. 

Consider reaching out to old friends and acquaintances who can get the word out and help get your business off the ground. Use a search engine to find and reconnect with fellow graduates from your high school. Type in the person’s name, high school name, and graduation date to get the results. 

2. Use Facebook to Build a Following

Create a social media calendar to help you post the right content to the right social media platform at just the right time. Use the 80-20 rule when publishing content, which means that 80% of your content should entertain, educate, and inform while 20% of your content promotes your products and services. 

As much as possible, engage with your audience to build a relationship with them. When users comment on your Facebook post, build trust and form a loyal following by replying or liking their comments. Additionally, set social media goals and determine which metrics to measure.

3. Create Eye-Catching Instagram Posts

In late 2021, CNBC reported that Instagram has 2 billion users. If you want to reach out to as many users as possible, publish enticing pictures, and use popular hashtags. Use an Instagram post maker to help you customize your post. Simply choose a template, and edit the text, color, font, and design. 

4. Create a Website 

Another way to build an online presence is by publishing a professionally designed website. Once your website is set up, find the right keywords to optimize your content. Grab and hold visitors’ attention by publishing high-quality content. Set up your Google Analytics to give you insight into where your visitors are coming from and how your site is performing. 

5. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile 

If you want to get discovered, optimize your LinkedIn profile to rank higher on LinkedIn. You can also attract career opportunities by showcasing your portfolio and writing a captivating headline. Create an attractive cover photo, and write a compelling summary of your skills to entice more clients. 

As a creative, your work is ultimately to produce an original piece of content. You can attract and retain clients by being consistent. Make sure to always deliver what you promise to increase your chances of getting repeat business. 

Something else to consider: once you start building a client base, you might want to consider modifying your home to give you more space. For instance, you could finish your basement or renovate your garage and turn it into a studio. In addition to facilitating your creative work, these kinds of home improvements have the added bonus of raising your home’s appraisal value as well, so it’s a win-win!

Getting discovered is the first step to acquiring more clients. Use the social media and digital marketing strategies described above to help you reach out to as many people as possible.