How to generate revenue from blogging

generate revenue from blogging

If you yearn to make money online, then I will say blogging maybe the money-making platform that will make you a millionaire very soon.

How? This is a common query for every newbie.

Blogging is a smart way to generate revenue from blogging. It provides a lot of opportunities that will make you a rich one.

How to start a blog

To make money blogging, you must have some specific skills. The skills are-

  • Writing skills in a specific language.
  • Basic graphic design
  • Marketing skills

If you have the skills, then start a blog. To start a blog, you have to complete some pre-task to start a blog.

  • Register a domain and hosting.
  • Choose a profitable blogging niche.
  • Then, set up a website under a CMS.

After setting up a website, you are ready to publish your content.

Create profitable content

Every content doesn’t drive traffic, without traffic hoping income from online is impossible. So focus on creating quality content. Quality beats quantity.

Maybe, you have heard that content is the king of a blog. But I think all content can not be king for any blog. Only quality content is the king of a blog.

When you have quality content on your blog you will be able to drive huge traffic. The traffic will be your money generator.

How to generate revenue from blogging

Blogging is such an opportunity that can provide huge ways to be a millionaire by generating revenue.

Affiliate marketing

Now affiliate marketing is the name of a trendy way online. Using the way, most of the bloggers have reached their goal easily.

Affiliate marketing is an easy and flexible way to make money online. For that, you only need to join an affiliate program for creating a unique link that you can place in the article, on the sidebar, header, or footer for making a commission against per sale. You have the commission if the sale is made through the link.

To generate revenue through affiliate marketing, you need not invest, only need hard work.


Advertising is another great way to make money online. By showing ads on your blog, you may generate huge revenue. But to generate revenue by advertising, you need huge traffic to your blog.

To earn money online by placing ads on blogs, Google AdSense is a conventional way. Google provides the bloggers with a space to monetize called Google Adsense. Google AdSense is a money-making program by using it many bloggers become financial winners.

Google AdSense is a before-mentioned Ad Network that gaining approval is a nightmare for bloggers. It has many restraints on getting Google AdSense support. So most of the bloggers being refused or deserted to get approval searching the top alternative to Google Adsense to generate revenue by advertising.

Promoting self-business

If you have huge traffic on your blog site, then you may start a business using the blog that must be your blogging niche-related.

Suppose, you are sharing SEO tips and tricks on the blog site, then there most of the readers of your blog are interested in SEO. Using their interest, you may run an SEO service agency. If you can run an SEO service agency, definitely, the business will be a successful one.

Freelance writer  

Your blog is a portfolio that you are an expert blogger. For that, you do not hire a job as a content writer. If you desire to provide the service, then you get huge opportunities to make money online by writing for others. Most of the buyers will contact you directly to write for them. So you should focus on writing constantly on your blog.


Making money online is a long process from blogging. For making money from blogging, you have to always provide informative content and readable that will drive huge traffic. The precondition of generating revenue by blogging is traffic. The more you can drive traffic, the more you can generate revenue by blogging. 

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