Furnace Repair: Types of Noises from Damaged Furnaces and the Solution

Furnace Repair

If you turn on the heat and nothing happens, your furnace can be damaged. You require furnace repair right away. A broken heater prevents your house from being warm and comfortable and increases the possibility of carbon monoxide entering your family’s living area. Not all indications that your furnace is broken are obvious. However, one of the simplest methods to determine whether your heater needs repair is by listening to the noise it makes. You should schedule a visit with one of our professionals at Essig as soon as you hear any of these noises.

Reasons To Contact A Furnace Repair Company Right Away

Some of the causes for needing a furnace repair are listed below:

If Your Furnace Is Banging, Fix It

You could have a gas build-up in your system if you hear a loud pounding sound that sounds like a car backfiring. It is advisable never to disregard this noise because it could indicate that your heat exchanger is damaged. A set of coils or tubes lopped through your furnace’s airflow serve as a heat exchanger and heat the air. It is never a good idea to attempt to fix this important component yourself if it is cracked. As soon as you can, get in touch with a local heating expert so they can examine your system and make any necessary repairs.

If You Hear Rattling from Your Furnace

Something is rattling around in your system, as this sound suggests. Make sure your furnace is turned off at the source before peeking inside or working on it. A panel or screw may have come loose. The panel can then be tightened with a screwdriver.

You might have a damaged heat exchanger if your panels seem to be tightly fastened, but you continue to hear the same noise. Your home may experience carbon monoxide leakage from a faulty heat exchanger. To address the issue swiftly and securely, you must immediately call your HVAC company.

If the Noise Coming from Your Furnace Is Screeching

A screeching sound may not be as problematic as a loud metal-on-metal boom, but it could point to a problem with your appliance. This high-pitched noise frequently indicates that a blower belt or belt-driven motor may be broken. Schedule a service appointment with your local heating professional to determine the cause of the noise.

Signs That Your Furnace Needs to Be Fixed

Contact a furnace repair company in your area right away if you observe any of the following signs that your heater is malfunctioning:

  • Your heating system is making loud noises.
  • Your furnace is not producing warm air.
  • Your house heats inefficiently.
  • When your gas furnace is running, you can smell rotting eggs.
  • Your heater regularly turns on and off.


When you first switch on your furnace, you can hear some noise. However, don’t wait to call for a furnace repair if you hear a loud noise coming from your furnace. By having your system inspected, you can keep your family comfortable and stop further damage to your unit. Contact local professionals if your furnace won’t turn on or if you want to be sure it’s operating effectively before using it.