Four Useful Tips to Choose Baby Clothes & Accessories

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We are living in a world of cheap products with mass productions. Here, many products including baby accessories and baby diapers are produced from synthetic materials, which are made from toxic chemicals. These products that are toxin-ridden, pose serious health risks for everyone who buys and uses them. You cannot exempt babies from these risks when they make contact with these synthetic products.

In a sincere effort to get away from these poisonous products and also for environmental preservation, several companies choose to go green by manufacturing organic products. Almost every baby diapers suppliers is making effort to shift to green production.

Organic products do not bring any health risk to any user. Green products are made from natural materials that are free of synthetic or toxic chemicals such as pesticides and hormones. The disadvantage of organic products is that they are costlier than the non-organic equivalent of those products.

What to do

The health risks of synthetic products and their high-cost leave loads of people; especially the parents of new born babies, in a state of dilemma. They need to make the choice whether to ignore the health risks posed by synthetic products or find ways to get the extra money they need to purchase organic products.

We will, in this blog, give parents some tips on how to solve this dilemma.

Should You Buy Organic Baby Clothes and Organic Baby Accessories?

People are willing to pay extra to buy organic baby food or baby clothes to protect their babies from the pesticides and hormones contained in synthetic products. Many folks are also ready to buy non-synthetic skincare products for their little ones because over 60% of these products applied to the body get into the bloodstream.

When you need to choose between organic and inorganic baby diapers and baby accessories, you need to conclude the debate between the opponents and proponents of organic baby clothes and accessories.

Organic Baby Clothes and Accessories

Those who are in favor of non-synthetic clothes and accessories believe that since a baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adult’s, babies are more inclined to allergic reactions. This results in toxic chemicals contained in synthetic baby clothes or diapers and inorganic baby accessories.

Synthetic Baby Clothes and Accessories

Those who are in favor of synthetic baby products argue that organic baby clothing is only a “status symbol”. Because baby accessories and clothes manufactured from 100% cotton fabric are good alternatives to organic clothes and that the cotton fabric is of a high standard.

Both arguments regarding the debate make sense. So, the choice of purchasing organic or inorganic baby accessories and diapers is left for parents of new born babies to make.

What to Avert When Choosing Baby Accessories and Baby Diapers

When choosing baby accessories and clothes, avoid those stuff which is largely made from polyester. You should also avoid those clothes that have dark colors as they contain loads of dyes.

Similarly, avoid buying baby clothes made from fabrics that have been treated with resins of formaldehyde-based. These fabrics can cause an allergic reaction to the skin. It will be a good idea to wash your baby’s clothes, always, before putting them on the baby for the first time.

Choosing Beddings for Baby’s Crib

It is obvious that organic items are a lot more secure than inorganic. Because the organic items contain less (if any) hurtful synthetic substances. Shockingly not every person can bear the cost of organic items because they are costly.

Organic infant beddings, for instance, are expensive accordingly, a more financially savvy option in contrast to the non-synthetic sleeping bed for your bassinets is to purchase organic infant bedding cushions, sheets, or duvet covers for your bassinets. Always make sure your baby’s beddings are fire-safe and make a point to air the non-organic mattress out well before it is utilized.

Choosing Baby Diapers

Every family that has a toddler or new born is always challenged with the choice of using:

  • Cloth diapers that need dumping and washing or to pay the heavy price for organic diapers or risk the health of their new born with inorganic disposable diapers.
  • If you have a family that opts for disposable baby diapers, it will be a nice idea to go for disposable diapers. Disposable nappies are chlorine-free!

The choice of diapers always puts you in a hard choice to make or for any family with a new born baby.

These are a few of the highlights that will guide you while deciding whether to buy synthetic or organic clothes and accessories for your baby.

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