hair transplant cost

Do you suffer any form of hair loss? Well, it’s a problem affecting many people across the globe and results in low self-esteem and confidence. But that’s not the only effect of losing hair. Baldness and hair thinning alter your facial beauty.

You don’t have to endure the adverse effects of hair loss since medical advancements have made everything possible and easy to restore lost hair. Get hair transplant surgery, and you’ll have a head full of hair again.

hair transplant cost

Consult your doctor first and know if you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure. Besides, your expert will tell you about hair transplant costs to help make your decision. Rest assured, you’ll smile at life again after the treatment since it offers a permanent solution to baldness and hair thinning problems. 

Hair transplant procedures

Once you make up your mind to undergo hair transplant treatment, you’ll be required to choose between FUT and FUE techniques. Whichever method you pick from the two will effectively restore your lost hair.

Your surgeon will extract some hair from parts of your head with healthy hair and implant them on the areas where balding or hair thinning has taken place. While hair transplant cost differs based on the technique you choose between FUE and FUT, your primary focus should be the treatment outcome.

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE hair transplant technique involves harvesting individual hair follicles, transplanted to another part with no hair. The hair follicles extracted through this method are complete with the needed glands making them healthy, increasing their survival rate.

FUE hair transplant is less invasive but complex, making the whole procedure last slightly longer than the FUT technique. You can trust on FUE method of you’re for hair treatment process with no downtime.

Besides healing faster after treatment, the FUE procedure is scar-free. However, you’re likely to have small dots which turn invisible when new hair begins to regrow.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

You may undergo this hair transplant method if your surgeon deems it the best based on your condition. During this treatment process, your expert uses a scalpel and removes a strip of skin from the part of your head with healthy hair. The strip contains several hair follicles that are extracted for transplanting.

The areas where a strip has been removed are closed with stitches. Then, the surgeon separates the scalp strip into tiny grafts with hair. It’s those hair grafts that are transplanted on the parts of your head with no hair.

Before transplanting the grafts, the surgeon will make small holes or the balding sections and then insert the harvested hair into those holes. When done, the surgical site is covered with gauze or bandage to allow proper healing.

Hair Transplant Cost

How much you pay for a hair transplant is determined by multiple factors, but on average, it may cost you between 4000-15000 USD for the treatment. The number of hair follicles to be transplanted affects hair transplant costs. If you have a large patch on your head, you’re likely to receive many hair grafts, which will cost you more.

The method you choose between FUE and FUT also influences the hair transplant cost. Every technique has its price. If you settle on the FUE technique, you’ll pay more since it involves extracting and transplanting an individual hair follicle, making it costlier. 

Your surgeon’s skills also greatly affect the hair transplant cost. The well-established surgeons who are regarded as the best are likely to charge you more. But don’t forget higher hair transplant cost doesn’t always mean greater skill. That’s why you need to do your homework better to settle on the right surgeon. 

Sometimes, hair transplant services may not be near your town. That means you’ll have to travel and get a hair transplant elsewhere, which adds to the hair transplant cost. 

If you’re considering seeking a lasting solution to the hair loss problem, you got the best option with a hair transplant. It’s true hair transplant cost is high, but the results are worth the cost. Baldness and hair thinning come with emotional distress, which can be more costly than what you’ll pay for treatment.

Side Effects of Hair Transplant

Although you’re going to have fantastic and natural-looking hair after a hair transplant, not without side effects, get a hair transplant from an experienced surgeon and take good care after the procedure to minimize adverse outcomes. 

Here are some common side effects of hair transplant

  • Bleeding or infections since hair transplant involves incisions and cuts in your skin
  • FUT hair transplant may result in linear scarring, which may affect your aesthetic beauty
  • Though you won’t take long to recover after a hair transplant, swelling and pain are very common and may need pain relievers.
  • After a hair transplant, you’ll experience hair shedding before your new hair begins to regrow.
  • Some patients may have problems resulting from anesthesia complications. 
  • Hair transplant may lead to the development of a cyst at the suture site.


The hair loss problem has a permanent solution, and that’s hair transplant surgery. The treatment has proven to be the most effective in eliminating baldness. But before a hair transplant, there are many things you should consider, including hair transplant cost and the risks involved. Ensure you visit a reputable surgeon who can take you through what the procedure is all about and guide you into making the right decision on the treatment method.

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