Footwear Trends for Summer

Footwear Trends

Everyone is impressed by a person who stays fashionable and is in touch with the current trends in fashion. Fashion can be regarded as an extension of the personality of a person. By keeping up with the latest in the world of fashion, you can explore your own individuality and sense of style. People who stay in touch with the newest trends in fashion can easily create a positive impression on their peers. Such people are noticed more and it also makes them more attractive. Walking out of the door wearing a fashionable outfit can make you feel extremely confident and lively.

Fashion is an ever-changing scene. New trends come up every year while older ones fade away. In this ever-evolving world of fashion, it is essential to keep up with the latest trend in vogue. The same applies to footwear. Footwear is an indispensable part of our daily attire and making the correct choice is a step in the right direction to make your outfit look awesome. A trendy show will always help complete your look. Keeping in mind the swift changes in the fashion world, we have compiled a list of footwear trends that can help spruce up your step quotient.

Bold Colors

Summer is the season for bold and bright colors. It is always to put on a bright and vibrant color when the sun is shining. Many brands are adopting a vibrant way and are have spiced up their footwear range with a slew of striking colors. The all-time classic Chuck Taylors from Converse can now be found in more color schemes than a crayon shop. You can easily make the color of your footwear pop by teaming it up with a color-neutral pair of trousers or shorts.

Sleek and Technical Trainers

Trainers have always been a part of the wardrobe for anyone who had an active lifestyle. Trainers used to have a technical look to them and wear their innovative and futuristic features on display. As time has passed, many brands have gone a long way to hide the technical look and make the outward appearance more minimalistic. However, technical trainers that display their innovative features are making a comeback. Sportswear brands like Adidas and Nike have trainers with styling features that look like they are ready for performance. To shop for trainers at the best possible price, Homeshop18 today offer best deals on trainers from brands like Nike, Puma, and others.

Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are built for ultimate durability and performance in a wide range of conditions. They are built with sturdy materials designed to withstand years of abuse from the wearer in the harshest of terrains. It is no wonder that these shoes are making their way into daily fashion. With brands adding fashionable touches along with daily functionality features, more and more people are using hiking shoes as their daily choice for footwear. Due to their adaptability to various conditions, and their long-lasting nature, hiking shoes are a good investment for anyone.


Slip-on shoes and sandals are synonymous with summer. As the mercury rises, people often resort to slip-on to beat the heat. A good pair of slip-on boat shoes teamed up with a pair of shorts can complete your relaxed summer look. Slip-on shoes can also be a perfect partner for your summer holiday. They make you look effortlessly cool and also don’t add much extra weight t your luggage. If you want to go for a more reserved and classic look, you can always opt for a classic Converse slip-on which you can easily match with almost anything- from a pair of denim to a casual suit. Spruce up your wardrobe with the latest in the world of slip-on shoes, Homeshop18 today offer great deals on slip-on shoes and many more.

Sustainable Footwear

Sustainability is all the rage in the world of fashion at present. More and more companies are switching to eco-friendly ways of production. Although sustainable methods of production are an absolute necessity for the planet, multiple brands have capitalized on it as a trend rather than a moral decision. Brands like Patagonia which used to be a specialized brand producing only outdoor equipment and clothing is now part of street fashion because of its eco-friendly attitude. Big brands like Nike and Adidas have pledged to cut down on unsustainable production practices. Many brands are already producing street smart footwear with an eco-friendly outlook.

The world of fashion is never stagnant. Designers are always looking for new inspiration to start a new latest trend. Brands are also never shy from trying out more avant-garde designs. Many-a-times the newest trend in fashion may just be a gimmick and fades away after a season. The key is to have a base wardrobe that can be worn for a long time and every season you can keep on adding newer pieces of fashion that are in trend. This way you can always be in trend but can sport that classic look whenever necessary.

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