A Complete Guide to Fix Broken Glass in Playhouse Window

fix broken glass

Hitting of the tree on the window glass, stray football hit the window, or many more. There could be plenty of reasons for the breaking of window glass. Now, the broken glass window desperately needs replacement. You can take the help of professionals for fixing the problem or start DIY. We recommend you choose DIY, especially in the case of fixing the small shed window. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss different ways to fix the broken glasses in your playhouse windows:

Remove Broken Glass

You should remove the broken glass with the help of a putty knife. You should carefully remove the glass in large size chunks. If bits of glass window stuck to the wood, then you should precisely remove them.  

It is recommended to use a putty knife, thin flat head screwdriver, and pliers to get rid of the glazing point. While removing the broken glass, it is very important to wear eye protection and thick gloves.

You should create the L-shaped channel around the frame with the help of a chisel or razor scraper around the region where you have removed the glazing compound. You should be very careful while implementing this step and not gouge the wood. Now, take fine-grit sandpaper and rub it on the wood to make a smooth surface. If there is bare wood, then apply linseed oil to it. You should allow the sealer to dry completely.

Measure Frame And Buy New Glass

You should take a measuring tape and find the width and height of the window opening. You should measure the outside edges of the L channel. Now, subtract 1/8 inches from every measurement you have taken to determine the glass size. You should purchase the windowpane a little bit small in size. It will make the installation process small and also provide some room for seasonal contraction and expansion. Now, it is time to move to the hardware store and take these measurements with you. It will let you choose the accurate size glass for your playhouse window.

Mount Glass On Window

You should roll out the glazing compound into long and thin ropes. These ropes should be 1/8 inch in diameter. We recommend you push the ropes inside the L-channel around the window perimeter where you have to install the glass. Now, you should gently press the glass around the perimeter with the help of the putty knife.

You should apply pressure on the glazing points at the bottom of the frame. Simultaneously, force the glass inside the wood with the help of the putty knife. There should be a total of eight glazing points in the single window pane. You should use a putty knife on the backside of the window to get rid of the glazing compound which may have seeped out.

Glaze the Window

You should roll more glazing compounds to make the ropes approximately ½ inches thick. You should apply this compound to the L-shaped space where glass touches the window frame. You should use your hand to move the compound against the wood and glass.

Now, take the putty knife and hold it at a 45-degree angle. Run this blade of the knife along with the glazing compound which you have applied. It will help in forming the angled wedge along with the joint between the window frame and glass. In case gaps are observed between the compounds, then you should apply a little more compound to it. Once you have achieved a perfect wedge-shaped seal, then it is imperative to remove small pieces of this compound left on the glass.

We recommend you use the tip of the putty knife to get rid of the glazing compound on the glass. Applying the glazing compound is a little bit tricky. Therefore, you should do little practice before starting to apply. There is one tip for you to master the skill of applying the glazing compound. You should slightly heat it so that you can easily mold it. You should work with your hands to warm it up and make the entire process a little bit simple for you.

Use Paint

First, let the glazing compound dry completely and let it harden. You should read the manual of the manufacturers. Usually, the drying process takes approximately 5 to 7 days. If the glazing compound is completely hardened, then you should start painting it. Professionals apply little strokes of paint on the glass by a very small margin which is 1/16 inch. This trick will help to make sure that it is perfectly sealed for adverse weather. Once the paint is completely dried, then you should properly clean the glass. These are the few steps that you should follow while installation of glass.

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