How was your first-time experience with mutual funds?

mutual funds experience

Mutual funds are a widely popular investment security in India. It is considered perfect for all ages and generations as it involves low risk. Mutual funds raise money from the small investors who are a part of the mutual fund’s scheme. The amount of money raised from small investors is used for purchasing other securities and shares. The investor who purchases those securities can choose to hold those units or can wish to sell them. The prices will increase or decrease depending on the mutual fund investment performance. 

Many of us are tempted to simply copy-paste and choose funds based on someone else’s perception of the fund’s performance. The issue is that one man’s meat could be another man’s poison. It is critical to resist the temptation to take such shortcuts and conduct your own research before selecting a fund. Simply looking at a mutual fund scheme’s ranking or past performance is insufficient for judging it.

As an investor, you should inquire about the fund’s nature, the risk factor, the fund manager and his/her track record, how the fund has performed during periods of slump, and the expense ratio. 

mutual funds experience

Gathering all this information is critical before investing to ensure that the fund is a good fit for you. Getting carried away by the market buzz can be a costly mistake in the long run.

The first initial investment in the mutual funds made by me included the technology funds. The sector funds were quite popular a couple of years ago. But the market soon crashed after that, and technology stocks crashed even worse. However, it was a small investment, so it did not take a long period of time to recover from the loss. But it did throw me off the mutual investing game for quite a long time. 

After a year, I invested in mutual funds with a private financial corporation to secure the investment. Private corporations help to minimize the risk. They secure your investment regardless of market conditions. It has been three years now, and my investments in mutual funds are increasing every year smoothly. 

The key to investing in mutual funds is not to check it every day. Once you invest it, let it rest for years. The market trends change every day, and so does the value of your fund. However, an investment compounded over a period of time increases manifold. 

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