Top Reasons Why Finding a Home in South Mumbai is a Dream Come True

home in south mumbai

It goes without saying that living a luxurious life in a beautiful home located in a serene neighborhood is a dream of many people. South Mumbai, commonly referred to as SoBo, offers exactly the same and much more.

Life in this part of Mumbai, the city of dreams, is actually nothing less than living a dream. South Mumbai offers an old-world charm while providing its residents with all the modern amenities and facilities. Have a look at some of the reasons why many Mumbaikars prefer living here over other parts of the city.

A Luxurious Lifestyle

Life in this part of the city is full of luxuries. You don’t have to live in posh bungalows or private homes to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Even those who live in flats in South Mumbai, they can enjoy these extravagances.

Residential projects built here are contemporarily designed. They have all the facilities and features a person looks for in an ideal home. You can easily find 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats here in different residential projects constructed by top builders. Most of these projects have their own gym, swimming pool, fitness center, spa, eatery, etc. Furthermore, they are also family-friendly as the latest security systems are used in such projects to ensure enhanced safety and peace of mind for the residents.

Less Traffic and Noise Pollution

One of the major reasons why people prefer settling in South Mumbai is a calm life it offers. Unlike other parts of the city where traffic conditions are chaotic and noise pollution can damage your eardrums, South Mumbai serves as an exception. Most of the neighborhoods here do not allow auto-rickshaws, which automatically reduce noise pollution and traffic issues. Furthermore, the roads here are wide enough and are covered with beautiful canopies. This further helps to improve traffic conditions.

A Cultural Hub

South Mumbai has beautifully preserved the diversity of Mumbai’s culture. This is why many people term South Mumbai the cultural hub of the city and rightly so. It nestles in itself various spots that depict the culture of the city. You can find museums, concert venues, auditoriums, gymkhanas, theaters, etc. here.   

Exciting Nightlife & Cafes

Nightlife here is quite exciting as many clubs are located here. As a matter of fact, people from other parts of the city visit neighborhoods in South Mumbai to enjoy the nightlife. Other than that, it is home to various famous restaurants and cafes. This is the place where they seek to create the first best impression before venturing into other areas.

For food lovers, South Mumbai is no less than a paradise. You can find almost every cuisine here in a variety of eateries located here.  

Easy Access to Other Parts of the City

Those who have to commute to other parts of the city on a regular basis, it isn’t much of an issue for them. South Mumbai is well-connected with other parts of Mumbai. Whether you have to take public transport or drive your own vehicle, reaching your destination won’t be a problem for you.

As stated above, traffic conditions are in control here, you will not have to face huge traffic jams that Mumbaikars dread. You can take the Sea Link route to have easy access to Western Suburbs. If your destination lies somewhere in Chembur or Vashi, you can take Eastern Freeway.

A Habitat of Elite and Rich

Lastly, South Mumbai is a habitat of the rich and elite. Most of the celebrities and elite class families prefer finding a residence in this part of the city. This factor gives SoBo a sense of exclusivity and class. In fact, it’s a major factor why neighborhoods that fall in this part are less crowded and offer a serene environment for its residents.

This is the major reason why property rates here are quite high. Not everyone can afford a home or flat here in South Mumbai. Having said this, the emergence of new developments here has opened opportunities for potential homebuyers to find their dream home here.

A Final Word

All in all, buying a home in south mumbai is a dream come true for many people. Turning this dream into reality now is easier than ever as there are plenty of options to choose from in the form of new residential developments. So, weigh your options wisely before making the final deal and enjoying the luxurious lifestyle South Mumbai offers.

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